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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Wheel and Tire Upgrades' started by Kalter, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Kalter

    Kalter New Member

    I have seen a few people here talking about putting 15 inches on the ST. I currently have a 2012 Fiesta SE. I have 15's on rims for the winter and they should be good for another 1 or 2 winter. If I remember correctly, the offset of those rims are 38.

    The only that was bothering me though, is that right now, on my winter and summer wheels, the caliper is kinda close to the wheel, and I believe that the brakes of the ST were bigger than the base Fiesta. After looking a little bit on the web, it seems the base Fiesta brakes are 10.2 inches while the ST ones are 10.9.

    So my question: how are the 15 fitting on the ST? I plan on buying the ST probably before the end of spring or during the summer, but I would like to make sure that my current tires could fit on the ST.
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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Here are a few pics of my 15 inch winter set up I choose the MSW Type 23 rims (Size 15x6.5 Offset 42mm backspacing 5.35 bolt pattern 4x108)
    This is how close they are to the Brakes I have had NO issues at all (Tire Size is 195/55/r15)

  4. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    I have 15 inch rims on mine that I took off the 2012 fiesta and no problems
  5. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I went with 16" ford oem aluminum wheels because my dealer said that ford recommended 16's to allow for proper cooling of the bigger brakes. Hopefully you don't have any warping issues with your rotors due to heat build up.

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  6. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Uh oh don't like the sound of that..;(
  7. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Just using them as winter rims.. Off in 1 1/2 mths from now
  8. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    This could be why the supplemental ST manual recommends a 16" wheel for winters.

    Never could find any where actually documented about this cooling issue

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  9. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    I'll have to look into it and get 16" for next winter... Another $1000 outta the pocket..
  10. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    That's why I'm really surprised a lot of dealers were giving people 15" steelies. I got the Ford winter tire safety package and my understanding is that when my dealer inquired to Ford about the tires and wheels available from Ford they came back saying use the 16's

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  11. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    the full size spare on the FiST is 15" x 6.0" steel wheel with a 47.5 mm offset with a 185/60-15 tire.
  12. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    I could see cooling issues maybe with a 15 inch Steelie but a open aftermarket 15 should be fine for cooling . But that's just me.
  13. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    Yes but if you look closer at the spare tire it has a sticker that says max 50mph/80kmh which might have more so do with speed ratings and or braking from higher speeds and more heat generated in those conditions.

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  14. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    the tire itself is h-rated for 129 mph. most likely the sticker is to warn you not to go over 50mph/80km/h with a 15x6 wheel and 185/60-15 tire on one corner and 17x7 wheels with 205/40-17 tires on the other three. talk to the folks at 800-ford-svt and see what they have to say about using four 15x6 wheels and 185/60-15 tires for winter.
  15. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    Ok I agree with you on the sticker thing and handling. But I still think if Ford wanted you to use a 15" winter wheel they would have stated so in the supplemental ST manual. I have 16" aluminum winters, nothing for me to worry about, maybe someone with 15" steelies should phone the SVT hotline and see what they say. It might not be an issue I just don't understand why the sup manual says recommends 16" and not 15"

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  16. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    They are actually factory steelies that were on my fiesta 2012. I traded that car in for the ST but kept the rims.
  17. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    I probably wouldn't worry too much about cooling in the winter...you know, because it's cold outside and all. :p Open 15's would probably be better than steelies, but I doubt you are going to be doing some track day type driving on winter roads so you'll likely be just fine.
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  18. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Just driving to and from work.. Will check today to make sure there are no problems
  19. wash

    wash Active Member

    I wouldn't worry about heat unless you are racing.

    On the street, panic breaking is the only real test of the braking system and you never have to do it often enough to overheat the brakes.

    The only heat related disk brake problem I've ever seen on the street was a 1967 Mustang GT with sticking pistons in the Kelsey Hayes calipers that made the pads drag.
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  20. jariten

    jariten Member

    I imagine the heat warning is for mountain passes (where you'd want to be on winters anyway). You can easily overheat brakes pushing it in the the mountains/foothills. Granted, you shouldn't see it when you're stuck behind an RV which is how it always seems to end up.
  21. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    yeah, getting your brakes hot in the winter doesn't make any sense to me. The winter tires will overheat and give up way before the brakes get too hot. It is also doubtful you could generate enough traction under braking to really get them hot in the winter, plus the ambiant temp is very cold. Perhaps going down mountains would be the only spot of worry. Even in a panic stop, you are braking well below the full capacity of the brakes. The tires are limiting the braking forces depending on if you are on ice, dry pavement, or snow. A panic stop isn't done over and over again from high speed, like you would have on a race track. In all my years of driving on the street, I don't think I have ever overheated the brakes. On the track, yeah, that can happen.

    I ran 15", 16", and 17" winter tire packages on the ST and never noticed any difference in braking performance. The taller sidewalls from a 15" wheel will help keep snow from entering the rim causing it to be off balance, plus add extra wheel protection. I would not suggest a 17" winter wheel package since there isn't enough sidewall to protect the wheel. A small diameter, skinny wheel/tire option is the best. Your idea of using a 15" Focus wheel is right on.

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