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Discussion in 'Fiesta STs for Sale' started by C. love, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. C. love

    C. love New Member


    asking 20k Car now has about 3K on the odo. Also comes with 15inchL snow tires. Has cargo management option, rado grey wheels, Recaro seat option and smoker package (not installed). Good little car but for me its a waste as I have no intentions of doing anything with it but the daily grind and this car needs someone who is wanting to autox and truly enjoy it. New price was around 24,700 so at 20k I feel this is a steal. no mods on this car or have ever been on this car, snow tires were used for around 1700 miles so the stock tires are still in prime condition. Located in rapid city SD. can contact me via email kriswcudmore@yahoo.com or 605 431 0424. Yes this is the actual car. I took it to a closed course to find out what it was about. Also selling a 2011 mustang if people are interested lol


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  3. RaNDoM

    RaNDoM New Member

    Just so you know I got offered $20k as a trade in value on mine with 5k miles. Mine also has nav, moonroof, recaros and the wheel upgrade.
  4. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Incredible photography! GLWS.
  5. C. love

    C. love New Member

    Random I'm not sure what your pointing out. Either Im too high or too low. Either way 20 is my price
  6. RaNDoM

    RaNDoM New Member

    Im just giving you some information. Not saying it is too low or high. Just saying if you wanted to trade it you could get what your are asking.
  7. kablammo

    kablammo New Member

    FYI called seller and the car IS NOT for sale anymore.
  8. ChrisTahoe

    ChrisTahoe New Member

    Not sure it is relevant, but this guy actually won the car.
  9. C. love

    C. love New Member

    Yup sure did. Jealous? Let me guess that means I should probably give it to the next guy? lol nope.

    To be honest I really like my Fiesta I cant ask for more in a car. In the time
    Ive had it Ive grown quite attached. I wanted to sell it if , and only if , I could have off loaded another car I have. If I sold the other I could have used the whole amount for something very special. Cant seem to sell that so no point in selling the fiesta.
  10. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    We hope you enjoy your Fiesta. We could be partial, but we're also glad you decided to keep it!

    And yes, I am jealous you won it :p
  11. ChrisTahoe

    ChrisTahoe New Member

    Not at all. Just pointing it out as it serves an explanation as to why your price was what is was, given the information provided by Random, that's all. I'm glad you like it, considering you were driving an 11 Mustang GT, which is a very different car from the FiST.

    No need to get defensive.
  12. C. love

    C. love New Member

    sorry man I get a little huffy onthe interwebz. I still have the mustang actually. I wanted to sell that way more than the ST but people low ball. plan was sell both nee truck and build a new drift car. New plan F$&k the mustang its gonna be my new drift car ha. Just dont have a tow rig
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