2014+ Fiesta ST & ST180 Aftermarket Parts and Mods Thread

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    The 2014+ (Mk 7.5) Ford Fiesta ST / ST180 Aftermarket Parts
    & Modification Master Thread

    Welcome to the the '14+ Ford Fiesta ST/ST180 aftermarket parts thread. This is for both the USDM Fiesta ST as well as the Mk7.5 ST180 (as it's known in the UK and Europe), featuring the 1.6L Ti-VCT Ecoboost GTDI (Gasoline, turbocharged, direct-injection) four-cylinder engine. Before progressing, please bear in mind some information regarding tuning and modifying your vehicle. Number one is to please modify responsibly. We (nor I, the author of this thread) take any responsibility whatsoever for how any of the modifications in this thread affect your vehicle. It is up to you, the owner/driver to assess the risks and rewards of modifying your car from its stock state, including potential maintenance issues, warranty service claims, fuel economy, and your local/state/country emissions/MOT requirements. I, nor this site, bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding what you decide to make of this information, which is provided purely as a convenience and resource.

    (If you reside in the United States and have questions about how a modification can affect your warranty coverage, please refer to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 15 U.S.C.§ 2301 and the rights you have under it. Your warranty is not voided by modifying your car, but a dealer (or authorized service center) can choose to deny your warranty claim. These two things are different in important ways. Before modding your car, it's very important to understand that. )

    General Notes:

    Where possible, I've tried to link to our forum sponsors, as well as alternatives for acquiring some of these parts and services. Also, be aware there are some slight differences between the USDM Fiesta ST and the EDM Fiesta ST180, primarily the engine control unit. North American owners will have different tuning solutions from the UK/Europe and vice versa. There are also some level of parts compatibility (suspension, primarily) between the outgoing Mazda2 platform and the Fiesta chassis (much like the 3 and the Focus), but I'm going to refrain from posting any application that hasn't been proven to fit correctly on our cars. I'm going to try my best to keep this thread and master list current, but your help is greatly appreciated! If you see something that isn't on here, and you think it should be, PM me or reply to this thread topic. If there is a universal part that you can confirm fits our application correctly (and there are many which are application non-specific; BOVs, wastegates, etc.)

    Don't forget to drop by the Forum Sponsor vendor subforums for the latest on what's going on for our cars, and what the latest deals are.

    Found a dead link? Let me know, and I'll do my best to remedy it.

    Engine Management & Calibration Solutions (ECU Tuning)
    These are the currently available options for engine tuning and calibration. These range from solutions which require that the ECM be shipped to a tuning company or brought to an authorized tuner/dealer for calibration, to hand-held, user-operated calibrators like the COBB Tuning AccessPORT or Bluefin, which can load off-the-shelf (OTS) or custom calibrated (remote or dyno-tuned) maps and programs. Please bear in mind the OTS map requirements for each company's 'staged' incremental modification plans if you plan on going that route, and remember that many mods will require a re-tune (either remotely or on the dyno by a tuner of your choice).

    COBB Tuning AccessPORT & AccessTuner ECU Calibration (USDM models only):
    COBB Tuning ECU programming and software for US/North American Fiesta ST models, featuring 91 Octane, 93 Octane performance mapping and map file customization through COBB Protuner network and AccessTuner Race software.
    Revotechnik Tuning (Worldwide):
    Revo is known in the VW/Audi world and many other communities, and also offers tuning services for the Ford Fiesta ST platform. Please follow the links on their website for more information on how to receive tuning services. In the United States, contact is through the Revo head office. You will need to bring your car/ECU to your local Revo distributor/dealer for service. In the United Kingdom, SCC Performance is the UK Distributor for Revotechnik.
    Bluefin by Superchips Tuning (United Kingdom)
    Bluefin (Superchips) offers their ECU programming through their handheld device for UK Fiesta ST180 1.6L Ecoboost vehicles, available through their website or network of dealers and distributors.
    Mountune Performance USA Tuning and Packages:
    Custom Fiesta ST tuning and power package designed by Mountune Performance and sold through Mountune USA. OTS as well as customized maps are available through them and are loaded on through a handheld unit similar to the AP. Please see Mountune about dealer-installed warranty issues or questions.
    • COBB AccessPort V3 with Mountune Programming [Direct]
    • Mountune Custom remote tuning services [Direct]
    • Mountune MP215 Performance Package [Direct]
    Livernois Performance Tuning and Calibration:
    Livernois Tuning offers tuning both at thier HQ and remotely, using their MyCalibrator handheld tuning device. They are also able to ship to international customers. Please see website for specific details.
    • Livernois Tuning MyCalibrator handheld flasher for 2014+ Fiesta ST [Direct]
    FreekTune e-Tuning:
    Available at FreekTune, a licensed COBB Pro-Tuner. Requires AccessPort.
    Panda Motorworks e-Tuning:
    St. Louis, MO-area COBB Pro Tuning services and parts vendor
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  3. BlackBird

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    Air Charge - Induction, Intakes, & Intercoolers

    This section covers induction hose kits, charge hose kits, high flow/cold air intakes, high-flow performance air filters, and intercooler solutions. Some of these products will require retuning. The idea behind all of these is to increase the flow of air to the turbo and the inlet manifold + cylinders, giving the engine the coolest, most dense air charge possible.

    Here's a useful intercooler thread.

    Intakes/Filters, Hoses & Induction Kits:

    Front-Mount Intercooler Upgrades:

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  4. BlackBird

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    Exhaust - Catbacks, Turbo downpipe, etc.

    You will not need to retune for any exhaust that replaces anything aft of the catalytic converter/downpipe. For best results, and not tripping CELs (and maximum performance), replacing the downpipe (either catted or de-catted) should be done in conjunction with a re-tune. Please be aware that you will likely fail an emissions check with a de-catted 'race' downpipe, and that removal of any emissions control devices is illegal (and you can be fined for it in some places). Nevertheless, there are gains to be had.

    Catback & Turboback Exhaust Systems:
    Tubular / Turbo exhaust manifolds:
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    Chassis and Suspension Parts

    Shocks, coilovers, springs, and chassis reinforcement parts galore. Going to lowering springs will drop your car and improve handling at the expense of increased wear on your stock shocks. For best results, pair with a good set of shocks/struts. You will also need to adjust your alignment (camber, caster, toe) after ride height changes. Camber bolts are available from a number of vendors, including FSWERKS and Tirerack. Be sure to head over to the Wheels, Tires, and Handling section and use our forum's Upgrade Garage link if you're ordering any suspension (or any parts at all) from Tirerack. I've also included some suspension info links I like--take each at a grain of salt.

    Info Links:
    Coilover Suspension systems:
    Most of these are height-adjustable only, save for the BCs and the KW Variant 3s.

    Lowering Springs:
    Air Ride:
    Swaybars & Swaybar endlinks + Bushings
    Chassis Bracing & Reinforcement:
    Engine Mounts:
    On stainless lines and brake fluid: While you have to flush your system and master cylinder for a SS braided hose change, consider switching to a higher-spec DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Here's a comprehensive data table for high performance (mostly DOT4) racing / high performance fluids like Super Blue, Motul 600/660 SBF, Castrol SBF, etc. Do not mix fluids.
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  6. BlackBird

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    Drivetrain Modifications & Parts

    There is a Quaife LSD available for our car (it's the same as from the Focus RS) that works for the B6 transmission, however there are only a handful of vendors that seem to have a lead on it. I will update this section as more options become available. Perfect Circle Autosports has a group-buy initiative going on for the Quaife (gear-type torque-sensing) differential. Look at this thread for details.
    Clutch/Flywheel Upgrades:
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  7. BlackBird

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    Turbo Kits and Upgrades
    The current offerings for upgrading from the stock BorgWarner KP39 turbo to something that moves more air. As of writing, right now we have Pumaspeed's turbo upgrade kit, as well as a couple of different options through ATPTurbo. 2J Racing is apparently working on a solution to set up the FiST with a BorgWarner Series EFR 6258 turbo, so stay tuned on that front. Please make sure you consult each kit's application guides for what you will need in order to install and retune for these. All four currenrlt available options use integrated wastegates and can be fitted with a separate vent-to-atmosphere dump valve/BOV.

    As an extra, here's a little history on the early Garrett GT28Rs, and the infamous SR20DET Nissan Sentra dubbed 'Disco Potato' which let it's name to the small GT series turbo.

    Turbochargers, Turbo Housings & Compressor Wheels:

    Dump Valves/Blow-off Valves/VTA-adapters:
    • Turbo Oil Feed Line Kit Fiesta ST Garrett GT & GTX series turbos [ATPTurbo]
    Engine Internals
    There aren't many of these right now, but parts have started to crop up. If you're not experienced with engine tear-down and reassembly, leave this stage of work to the pros. Needless to say, if you're shopping for new rods, pistons, etc, warranty coverage is pretty much nil.

    • PEC Forged Rods & Supertech Pistons (4032, stock CR) [Direct]
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  8. BlueBomber

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    this space now available to insert a Suspension Mods list or whatever else

    so i'm just going to list things I know for sale

    BC Racing (30 Way Adjustable, Spec your Springs) [ModBargains]
    KW V1/V3 (Fixed Damping/Fully Adjustable) [ModBargains]
    ST Suspensions XT/XA/XTA (Fixed/Damping,Camber Adjust) [ModBargains]
    Vogtland (Fixed Damping/Optional Adjust) [ModBargains]
    Bilstein (Adjustable) [ModBargains]

    H&R [ModBargains]
    Eibach - Pro Kit - Sportline [ModBargains]
    Cobb Tuning [ModBargains]
    Vogtland [ModBargains]

    Sway Bars
    Eibach [ModBargains]
    ST Suspensions [ModBargains]
    COBB Tuning [ModBargains]
    Whiteline Flatout - Rear [Direct]

    Sway Bar Endlinks
    Steeda [Direct]

    Chassis Bracing
    Front Strut Tower Braces
    Steeda (Some have trouble - depends on your intake) [Direct]
    Ultra Racing [Direct]
    Pierce Motorsports
    TB Performance Products [Direct]

    Front Lower Tie Brace
    Pierce Motorsports [Direct]
    TB Performance Products 2-Pt/4-Pt [Direct]

    Rear Shock Tower Brace
    Steeda [Direct]
    Ultra Racing [Direct]
    TB Performance Products [Direct]

    Rear Torsion Beam Brace
    Steeda [Direct]
    TB Performance Products FOR1-03 [Direct]
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  9. RodMoe

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    PCA (you will have to contact them for info) has 2 Quaife LSD in stock and they rock :) learning how to drive all over agin with mine .. lol dang thing just pulls you out of a corner now no more tire spin on the inside tire ;) sweet
  10. WScottCross

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  11. RodMoe

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  12. k757

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    AWESOME listing. Thanks!
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  13. ST-in-Mich

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    Wow, i wished I had known how much stuff was available before I leased instead of bought mine.
  14. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    fantastic collection of information!
  15. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    Yeah, I knew about the JS hoses (before I even bought mine, o_O hah) but neglected to put them up on the list. Still getting everything together, as this thread will forever be a WIP and I wanted to get the formatting working first. Really short post limits (and all the code counts as characters). I'll be adding that up soon.
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  16. D1JL

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    You need also to add:
    Steeda, RMM/Transmission Roll Restrictor and Adjustable Sway Bar End Links.
    PumaSpeed, has the Silicone Intake Tube in all colors including Orange (others don't have orange) and also a complete set of Silicone Coolant Hoses.

    These do all fit as I have them on my car.

  17. WestcoastST

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    Wilwood brake kit from Joe at 2JR.
  18. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    SCC has Orange in complete sets if you desire http://www.focusrsparts.co.uk/fiesta-st-2013/silicone-hoses/js-performance/cat_1249.html
  19. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Also TCE performance has Brake kits too as well as working on a rear upgrade kit
  20. ST-in-Mich

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  21. RodMoe

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