2014 Fiesta ST w/ Recaros and Nav - Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Fiesta STs for Sale' started by hyatt, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    The time has come to get rid of my FiST and get something a little bigger. I've enjoyed it while I've owned it and I've always taken immaculate care of it, never abused, and it's seen almost no track time. The car is a 2014 in Ingot Silver with around 34k miles and it has the Recaro package as well as Navigation. I've got a full service history with receipts as well as a detailed maintenance spreadsheet that I've been keeping since the car was new.

    The car has never been chipped or tuned at all and has spent most of its life as my commuter once a week. The car has a Hotchkis rear bar and adjustable front end links, Cobb motor mount, Pipercross air filter, a custom Porsche-style laminated wood shift knob on a Cobb base, Porterfield R4-S brake pads up front, and is currently on a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires with less than 5k on them.

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  3. Focus RS! ;) Although I personally want Golf R:p
  4. hyatt

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    Bump for lowered price!
  5. hyatt

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