2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review, Walkaround, Test Drive, Exhaust

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST News and Reviews' started by eRic, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. eRic

    eRic Active Member

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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Cute well done in fact
  4. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    For a dealer video, that was pretty good. Nice to not have to listen to a robot lady voice talking about photo snap shots... lol And they made at least an effort to make it entertaining. Pacing was better, and coverage better than some of the other car reviewers out there.
  5. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    That was a pretty good review. I'm waiting on this guy to do a review. He's already done one on the Fiesta SE and Titanium as well as the Focus ST and he's just waiting for a dealer stock ST. Not sure if he's associated with a dealer but he probably just knows the people at his local dealerships to be able to take out all those cars and review them by himself.

  6. CarefreeAZ

    CarefreeAZ Active Member

    This guy is like America's answer to Chris Harris (perhaps overstated but for a local dealership, he does an absolutely fantastic job without much of a script or cue cards). If I lived in Alabama, I would definitely check out this Ford dealership!

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