2014 Solo Nationals

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by Couldahadav8, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. jasyatz

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    Yes. I have them right now.
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  3. jasyatz

    jasyatz Member

    and the JCW springs with the single double Konis.
  4. jasyatz

    jasyatz Member

    Take a ride in the Mz2 next event. a lot of the shock stuff transfers over to the FiST. The Mazda is no mini either, but it doesn't fight you. A good alignment will help. I found some ways to get some trickery in the rear.
  5. TRev

    TRev Member

    I really liked driving the FiST. I drive aggressively and enjoy being able to toss a car around and Ryan's FiST responded well to it especially trail braking. I sometimes have to be a bit extra careful with that in the FoST depending on how much the car wants to rotate. I also have had issues with wagging the tail in slaloms with the FoST and didn't notice that at all in the FiST. I think some adjustable rears would really help the FoST in that regard as Mark's car seemed much more planted in the transitions at Nats. The FiST was extremely easy to adapt to quickly.

    Even though it really feels good, I don't think it can hang with the FoST on any National courses unless it is wet. I also think it would have a hard time making the podium let alone a trophy if a Celica, Genesis, GTI, Volvo, or SRT4 were in the hands of capable drivers. Adding two seconds to my time at Nats would have had the FiST behind all of those cars except the SRT4 so I still do not see moving the FoST to DS as the answer. If it does go to H Street, I think it will bring a fair fight to the Mini. With the lack of camber and tire choices, IMO it still may fall short on transition heavy courses. On courses were it can stretch its legs a bit, I think it could have a slight upper hand. My proposal to the SEB was to move the Speed 3 and new GTI to GS, and the FiST to HS. I think doing so will only increase participation in both GS and HS which is the intent of modifying class structure. I forwarded the numbers I posted in the other thread to the SEB as reference to another data point and my additional thoughts.

    The FiST is more adaptable between local and National style events and would be very livable for me as a daily driver. Tires are less costly and easier to handle which is something my back is starting to appreciate more. I liked the seating position better in the FiST. The lateral support better fits my body type and the wheel is closer to my chest allowing me to keep my arms bent at more of a 90 degree angle.

    If the FiST does go to HS, I may have a BRZ I am willing to trade that is very nicely prepped for CS.
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  6. Cligedy

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    I can't seem to find the post, but did I read that you guys are able to fit 255 tires on the FoST? That would be a lot more tire and a lot more power than the FiST will be able to counter.

    That said, I downright dislike the way the FoST drives, and I haven't had the difficulty getting the FiST to turn that some others have.
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  7. TRev

    TRev Member

    Yes, I am running a 255/40R17 Hankook on the 8" rim. Quite a few have said it wouldn't work with the soft sidewall of the Hankook but Mark tested his 245's against Danny Kao's 255's on his car on the Nats practice course and ran quicker on the 255's. The 255's were fresher so it is hard to say if it was all size but it was enough time for Mark to borrow them and run them the rest of the week. I spoke to someone who had said they had put 265 Hoosiers on as well.

    I very much like both the way my car and Ryan's car drive..I must admit though that I liked driving the FiST more than the FoST on this past weekends course.
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