2014 TB ST for Sale in Winter Garden Florida

Discussion in 'Fiesta STs for Sale' started by Andrew Wood, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Andrew Wood

    Andrew Wood New Member

    Bought my Black ST in June of 14 and have really enjoyed it but there is no room in my garage for all my toys anymore. It has 10,300 miles and is all stock. It is adult owned, never smoked in and waxed at least monthly using the full line of Zaino products that I use on my Mustangs. The only option I wanted was the sunroof, so no Recaros or Grey wheels. I have lowered my price to $17,950. Sticker was $23,200. Hate to see it go. I'm in Winter Garden Florida.
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  3. Andrew Wood

    Andrew Wood New Member

    Lowered my asking price to $17,950.
  4. Andrew Wood

    Andrew Wood New Member

    A steal at $16,950

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