2014 UK Fiesta ST Thread!

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by CoryKatt, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've finally signed up, after viewing the forum a few times. For advice etc, anyhow, I've got a 2014 ST3 in Panther black with a few little upgrades now!

    It started off with the MP215 pack, and is now running Revo Stage 2.


    Mountune Quick Shift
    Vibratechnics Engine Mount
    Piano Black Plastics
    Pro Induction Hose
    ITG Cold Air Intake System
    5.1 DOT Brake Fluid
    Summit Rear strut brace
    Summit Lower rear brace
    Summit Upper strut brace
    Summit Lower Front Strut Brace
    Milltek Race Cat-back
    Milltek Race Sports Cat
    Revo stage 2
    Braided Brake Hoses
    Pro Alloy intercooler
    AS solid boost hoses
    ST XTA Adjustable Coilovers
    Team Dynamic 1.2 lightweight wheels.
    Michelin PS3 tyres.

    I'll upload some pictures when I'm in from work!

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  3. dslinker2001

    dslinker2001 New Member

    Hurry up lol :)

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  4. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    A few from when I collected the car.




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  5. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    ITG induction Kit

    View attachment 2122

    Summit Front Upper Brace, this was a slight pig to fit. I was a little naive as to how much actually had to be taken off to reach the final bolt on the suspension that the brace attaches to. When doing this, I also changed the nuts, as the ford ones only had around 2/3 turns of thread with the brace on. I can't remember the exact size I got, but I went for a nylon nut with an extra serving of thread lock for good measure!


    Next up is, possibly my favourite modification on this car. The Milltek race exhaust system. As you can see, the box itself was a bit bloody big. The race system, if I'm correct is a 3 inch system, instead of the standard 2.75 inches. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please) it's a little heavy, but you cannot fault the build quality of this bit of kit. I went for the sports cat, as I'm not a lover of the decat. I like to try and keep things as legal as possible!


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  6. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    So, this is the car have a bit of TLC prior to having its big upgrades. You may notice the difference in exhaust, the Milltek tips are certainly larger and more noticeable than the standard ones.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436922458.244377.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436922476.685646.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436922509.519233.jpg

    AS Big boost pipe kit; I cannot remember the dimensions off of the top of my head (I'll update once I can remember) but these replace the ford OEM boost hoses and connectors, I have noticed a slight increase in lag, maybe it's just me. But I do believe the increased size could do that slightly, but, if it lets the car flow easier. Then it's worth it, plus, i don't know if it's different in the U.S. But in the UK there's the issue of boost pipes popping off. So, replacing the ford ones with hard ones was on my agenda.


    Pro alloy intercooler, now, this thing is big! The method behind my madness is, the larger size will more than likely cool the air at a better rate. Plus, these intercoolers were designed on this car, specifically for this car. And was the intercooler used when doing all the Revo R&D. Pro Alloy coolers were one of the best on the Focus RS's so, it seemed like a sensible choice. Plus, it's incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436922761.511436.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436922781.290302.jpg

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  7. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    ST XTA Coilovers, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of these out of the box. But, these ones feature adjustable top mounts and damping. So you can play with these until your heart is content. So far, these have made a huge difference, they've given the car the confidence it lacked before. Now I know, if I throw it into a corner, it's going round that corner without sliding and hoping like it used to.


    Next up, was a set of Team Dynamics, Pro Race 1.2 wheels. I went for ET38 7J. The flake in the paint on these wheels is something else, they've also been sealed up with Carpro DLUX so should stay good for quite some time. These have since been wrapped in Michelin PS3's.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436923203.782067.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436923222.474428.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436923239.369464.jpg

    Finally, the last mod. Revo 4 pot brakes, made my Alcon. These brakes feature a 330mm fully floating disc, with a bloody big calliper that won't fit inside a 16inch wheel.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436923460.960424.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436923479.686108.jpg

    Thank you for reading :)

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  8. dslinker2001

    dslinker2001 New Member

    Such awesome mods. That inter cooler is sick. What ecu flash are u running? Thanks for sharing.

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  9. CoryKatt

    CoryKatt New Member

    Thank you! It's Revo Stage 2 :)

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