2015 SCCA National Tour events

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by Cligedy, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    The SCCA has announced the 2015 national solo schedule. It's my goal to make it to at least 3 events, including the Lincoln championship. I have a new job and a new baby, so what I want may not matter, but I'll do my best to get out there and push the Mini off it's pedestal as the car to beat. Based on the schedule, Georgia and Ohio are my best options. How about everyone else? Are any of you planning to come out to help represent the FiST on the national level? Good luck!

    2015 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Schedule

    Tire Rack National Tour (Champ Tour and Match Tour): 13 events
    •March 14-15: Cecil, Ga. – South Georgia Motorsports Park (CT)
    •March 21-22: San Diego, Calif. – Qualcomm Stadium (CT)
    •April 11-12: College Station, Texas – Texas A&M University Annex (CT)
    •April 18-19: Crows Landing, Calif. – Crows Landing Air Facility (CT)
    •May 2-3: Bowling Green, Ky. – NCM Motorsports Park (MT)
    •May 24-25: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Air Park West (CT)
    •June 6-7: Moultrie, Ga. – Spence Field (MT)
    •June 13-14: Fountain, Colo. – Pikes Peak Int’l. Raceway (CT)
    •June 13-14: Ayer, Mass. – Devens Airfield (CT)
    •June 27-28: Utah – TBD (MT)
    •July 11-12: Packwood, Wash. – Hampton Mills (CT)
    •July 18-19: Toledo, Ohio – Toledo Express Airport (MT)
    •August 8-9: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport (CT)

    43rd Tire Rack Solo National Championship
    •September 8-11: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West

    Tire Rack ProSolo National Series: 11 events
    •March 7-8: Blytheville, Ark. – Arkansas Aeroplex
    •March 28-29: Irvine, Calif. – El Toro Airfield
    •April 25-26: Crows Landing, Calif. – Crows Landing Air Facility
    •May 9-10: East Rutherford, N.J. – Met Life Stadium
    •May 22-23: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West
    •May 30-31: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport
    •June 6-7: Mineral Wells, Texas – Mineral Wells Airport
    •June 27-28: Toledo, Ohio – Toledo Express Airport
    •July 18-19: Packwood, Wash. – Hampton Mills
    •Aug 1-2: Wilmington, Ohio – Wilmington Airport
    •September 5-6: Lincoln, Neb. – Lincoln Airpark West
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  3. Mister_Mino

    Mister_Mino Member

    My goals are Toledo 2x and Wilmington 3x for sure. Maybe NJ, hopefully Lincoln.
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  4. k757

    k757 Active Member

    I'll be at the NJ Solo for sure and maybe another but I'd have to go to Ohio and not sure that's in the cards.

    I just don't like the other formats; rather do more SCCA regional events in NJ (Meadowlands)
  5. ppepitoyou

    ppepitoyou New Member

    I'll be at el toro
  6. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    I'm on the fence. Do I campaign, or to I take it easy, stay local, and do more track events? I had a LOT of fun this year at the three track events I did, and while I had a fantastic time at nationals, I wonder how much was due to the novelty of it being my rookie event.

    I will just have to see how I feel in the spring. I'm done with mods for a while anyway.
  7. k757

    k757 Active Member

    I like going up against the best of the best (in theory) at National Events
  8. Des

    Des Active Member

    I'll be doing the Packwood and Crow's Landing events in the Fiesta for sure -- and I'd love to do Dixie again if I can rack up a fly-n-drive :) Happy to trade a west coast event too.
  9. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    I hope to make 3 Champ Tours, 1 Match Tour, 2 Pros, and The Championship. Will be mixing HS in my FiST, and driving my brother's 350Z in STU.
  10. TRev

    TRev Member

    I will be mostly focusing on the ProSolo's in either the FiST or FoST depending on Pro indexes and class structure. Plans are to do the Pro's at Blytheville, Lincoln Spring, Mineral Wells, Toledo, Packwood, and the Finale. Solo Tour and Nats at Lincoln since its convenient.
  11. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Have not seen any Pro indexes, but the 2015 PAX is out.
  12. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    I have not looked at it thoroughly, but it seems to be more off than ever. At first glance, it looks like Rick Ruth gave a slight break to high HP street tire cars (also to ES)....BUT Rick actually lowered just as many r-comp PAXes. Sooooo.....wow
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  13. TRev

    TRev Member

    The Pro indexes likely won't come out until well after the New Year. I think it was Feb 11th last year.

    It seems every class I have been in get significantly harder or like this year GS stays the same and other classes get softer. Last year it was CS and now that I trade the BRZ for the FiST, CS is basically back to 2013 R Comp times with the .975 street multiplier. To Rick's credit the 370Z moved out and he thought that was an over dog. I tend to agree.

    On a side note, I have actually had Rick email me asking for results. At first I thought that was cool but now not so much as I am starting to wish my results didn't add to the index pain haha
  14. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    http://home.comcast.net/~paxrtp/rtp2015.html for those that didn't know where to look.

    I would REALLY love to go to dixie but that is a long haul for just me. Also the Colorado events in the middle of June would be possible. I would like to do one of the Ohio events as well.
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  15. Des

    Des Active Member

    Bumping this up, as registration for Dixie will open soon.

    I'd love to go if I can catch a co-drive; who's going? Would like to try out someone's Konis since we won't be racing before then but it'll be fun no matter what.
  16. ABQautoxer

    ABQautoxer Member

    First time posting on here (finally made an account) but I've been reading for awhile. I'll probably do the El Toro and Mineral Wells Pros and the CO Champ Tour. Not sure in which car but likely the FiST for the Pros. I've got Konis sitting in the garage for it already and other parts on the way.
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  17. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Des, Dixie is still up in the air for me, but I'll probably be there. If I do go, I already have a co-driver lined up. Are they doing a test& tune before the event? I'll be glad to do whatever I can to let you try out the car with Konis.
  18. Des

    Des Active Member

    That's mighty kind of you, Cligedy. I'll take you up on that if I can't find a Fiesta seat of my own. Look forward to meeting a few folks from here ...
  19. ABQautoxer

    ABQautoxer Member

    Speaking of which I recognize Trevor and Des (met you a couple years at Nats when I was driving the WRX in RTA/RT). Others of you might know me from the SAC.

    Tom R
  20. Des

    Des Active Member

    Of course. Welcome, Tom! Looks like you've got both ends of the Street spectrum covered ...
  21. ABQautoxer

    ABQautoxer Member

    Ironically that car is excluded from Street (Exige S), it's either the FiST or the MR2 Spyder in my case.

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