2015 SCCA National Tour events

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by Cligedy, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. JLWSN

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    Noticed Heinitz went with the RS3 V2s and managed to put down very very impressive times. Also noticed a few drivers were faster on one course on RE-71r while getting beat on the other course by ZIISSs...interesting.
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  3. Thanks!

    I ran on 225/45R16 Dunlop Z2SS front and 205/45R16 Hankook RS3v2 rear this weekend. Navid was on 235/40R17 front and 205/50R16 rear Z2SS. Deana was on 205/45R16 RE71Rs all around. FWIW on these course I think the "taller tire" gearing was just about perfect. I was BARELY touching the limiter a few times, whereas Deana mentioned she had to go to 3rd.

    Also interesting was the 3 different bar setups we had : Navid = stock, Deana = larger front (didn't catch which one), me = stock front and Eibach rear.

    We weren't sure we had a class until Friday afternoon (!!). Thus I made the decision when I packed the car Thurs night to just run the Dunkook combo instead of the RE71Rs (familiarity plus wear, no contingency in play either way). I think the car would have been a little faster on the taller RE71R combo I own (205/50R16s). In my opinion, I had a fairly good "right" course run (I see a few gains to be had in video/data), and only a "blah" left side. Clean up the left and it would have been very close with Navid (and would have gotten me into the Challenge, as it stood I was first car OUT on making the Challenge).

    Des and I amongst others will do some testing at Friday TnT for Crows Tour, I will definitely have the RE71R option and MIGHT have 16" Rival S in hand by then (it'll be close!). Debating picking up a set of 215/45R17 RE71R fronts as well.

    For those that don't know Navid, he has been away from the game a few years but did very well in ESP/SM in Evos and STI in the mid 2000s (if I remember right, coned away a National Championship in ESP in 2005 in the Evo). He is admittedly still learning the Fiesta, expect him to get faster and faster as he figures it out :D
  4. I think the tires were "closer" to each other here. I still think the RE71R was the fastest of them, but obviously you could get it done on any of them.

    Past "conventional wisdom/known setup" was that El Toro was a Hankook-liking site. It is a fairly...but not to Lincoln level...high grip site with minimal bumps and elevation change.

    Courses were a bit off from each other...for most the right side was about 3-4 tenths faster (thus my left being a SECOND slower = I needed to speed up over there). Could tell in some of the visuals/spacing during the walk they wouldn't be the same.
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    "Navid was on 235/40R17front and 205/50R16 rear Z2SS."

    I may be wrong but I do remember reading last year that mixing rim diameters in Street is not allowed.....
  6. TRev

    TRev Member

    That is my understanding as well.
  7. Mixing is allowed, per January 2014 Fastrack (page 20) :

    "#12898 Wheel Size Clarification
    Per the SAC, this is meant to clarify the +/- 1” wheel allowance in Street:

    Start with a vehicle that is legal in the 2013 Stock category, with any allowed optional (per Solo rules Section 12.4) wheel packages that were available from the factory (not dealer installed). You can then go up or down 1” on any wheel. If your car came with 17’s on all four corners you can run 16, 17 or 18’s up front and then 16, 17 or 18’s in the rear. So a 16” front/18” rear combo is legal as is a 18” fronts/16” rear combo.

    If the car was available with an optional 18” package that was also 1” wider you may run any combination of 17, 18 or 19’s at this wider width. You may not mix and match standard and optional wheel packages. So in this last case you may not run 16’s. Also, if your car came with wider wheels in the rear you may not run them on the front."
  8. JLWSN

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    Hoping for more Fiesta ST drivers to register for College Station Tour. Sure wish I could make it. Looks like I will only be able to attend 4 National events this year. Luckily I have a few great local clubs with top notch venues and a few of the nation's fastest autocrossers.
  9. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Registration open for the Match Tour in Moultrie, GA. I plan to register after my final exam on the 25th this month, and I hope we can make HS a good sized class.
  10. Des

    Des Active Member

    Crow's Landing update: Four FiSTs, all on Bridgestones and all on Konis, differences are tire size -- Ed and Josh on 205/16, me on 215/17, the Kannans on 245/17 and Navid with 245/17 re71s upfront and 225/16 Z2s in back -- and bars -- front for me, rear for Ed and the Kannans and none at all for Navid. So a pretty good sampling of setups. The 245s scrape the fender lip on sweepers but we think they might not with a front bar. Fast course with 1 to 3 shifts to third depending on your ambition.
  11. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Congratulations Des! Great results compared to the other classes. Glad to see Josh keep the 205/16 RE-71R in the discussion for options. I will be tracking the results of the Crow's Pro.
  12. TRev

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    Nice job Des!
  13. Des

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    FWIW Josh took that final run in my car, not Ed's.

    It was pretty clear the front bar on mine had a substantial positive effect. I know the other drivers; I'm not two seconds faster than them.

    Josh and I ran pretty much on the same tenth at every event we co-drove last year. On Sunday, he was final driver, and since no one had anything to lose, he took a mechanical on Ed's overheating car and ran mine instead. He beat my best time by a tenth -- and cut more than a second off his previous best.

    Popped my bubble, but it's the best data point we have on the front bar so far.

    The car was so composed I felt I left quite a bit of time out there, but the other runs I watched (Crow's has this great mound of dirt next to the runway that's a perfect perch) looked to me like everyone had their hands very full. Pam got the front tire off the ground at the finish; Ed was just ahead of me in line, and I could see his outside front getting slammed as he turned into a sweeper. There was a six-cone slalom toward the finish, and every FiST was three wheels all the way.

    But Josh, in my car, never got a rear off the ground in the slalom at all, and even in the wall of death before the finish the rear just barely got some daylight underneath.

    Wheelspin was not an issue -- it's super grippy concrete, and there were no real digs anywhere. One downside is that my front tires were markedly more worn than other folks'. I need to stop driving like a d*ck.

    Josh did the course. It was terrific, technical and fast. And having all the Fiesta folks around was a blast.
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  14. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Oh...well then. Did you guys take any test and tune laps in each others cars? Not wanting to run 17s but you and Josh were able to put down very impressive times on your setup. Of course the setup will not drive itself, so don't think I am taking credit away from you and Josh.
  15. Turboduck01

    Turboduck01 Member

    any pics or video from the event?
  16. Mightymango

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    Those are interesting data points Des. I'm curious if it would be the same results with the front bar and 16s instead of the 17s. Josh getting close with the 205 and rear bar is something but maybe a front bar is the answer. Obviously it looks like the stones are the way to go on concrete so far.
  17. Des

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    Think it was the bar rather than tires but josh is a better source. He and Ed both preferred the feel of the narrower tires, which were 16s. They took runs in both cars.
  18. Crows Thoughts (beyond what Des posted) :

    1. I'll have the Eibach bar off the rear and Eibach front on before this weekend :) . Will note in my TnT run in Des' car that it was spinning the inside front a bit more than my car (which is why I suspect Ford put on the matchstick stock bar) but it was easily more composed thru slaloms.

    2. Tires : Confirmed that the 205/50R16 is wider than the 215/45R17. 245/40R17 is a good chunk wider, but with some downsides (we tried it on my car in TnT, Josh had a pair of 245s on stock FiST wheels) : numb, and tended to rub fenders and cut tires on said fenders. I'd say the 205/50R16 and 215/45R17 were fairly similar in feel. Des can comment on his final pressures, but we ended up on my car at 35F and 37R.

    3. Giving very serious thought to running the Rival S this coming weekend for some/all of the weekend just to get more data.

    4. Chairing the event is not the key to fast times :D
  19. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    I am sure many of us would be thankful for any data/feedback you and Des could provide of a direct comparison of the Rival-S with other drivers. Thank you for the info from this weekend.
  20. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    You guys have any thoughts of the Kumho V720 being available tomorrow?
  21. Des

    Des Active Member

    image.jpg image.jpg
    Not exactly the same angle but you can see that there's a lot more going on in Ed's car.
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