2015 SCCA National Tour events

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by Cligedy, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. TRev

    TRev Member

    Sorry, couldn't get past the supermodel blonde corner worker and trying to figure out if that was a State Trooper standing behind Ed's car on the left :D

    Eventually I noticed the difference in the two cars and it looks and sounds like it is worth a try to me.
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  3. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Yeah, looking at the two pictures it might be worth a try.....it can't hurt to attempt it anyway. Now a matter of how big to go on the front bar.
  4. TRev

    TRev Member

    I will probably try the stock Fiesta bar at its price point. I really don't want too much more wheel spin but it would be nice to have better transitional response and a little less mid-corner under steer both of which should improve.
  5. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    You and less wheel spin....Whhhhaaaaa? :p
  6. Des

    Des Active Member

    The additional wheel spin Ed mentions may be from pressures. I was resisting the very low pressures folks seem to run on these.

    My car was at 40 up front when Ed and Josh did TNT runs; theirs was at 35. (I would have run my Z2*s at 42!)

    I did lower the fronts to 38 at the event. The rollover is pretty bad, but I have not experimented in any real way with pressures less than that.
  7. TRev

    TRev Member

    I don't do video but someone else did some external of the car on course. My car (7P) makes appearances at 9:12 and 13:32.

    I almost forgot to mention. On my third run of the morning and first of the afternoon (thankfully the latter was a rerun due to a time malfunction), my car seemed to experience full starvation in two parts of the course 9:30-9:32 area of the video. I was at about an 1/8th of tank and had gas there. I filled up during the 5 minute rerun wait and had a 1/4 for the next two runs and no symptoms again. I think I will be keeping it towards a 1/4 tank in the future.

    I started the RE71R at 40 and the rollover looked decent. Went to 38 and it was borderline comfort for me. Hoping the bar will help with that some too.
  8. toptier

    toptier New Member

    That's weird. I run with less than 1/8 tank and some runs with the gas light on and I haven't experienced any fuel starvation.
  9. TRev

    TRev Member

    I had run it under an 1/8th on our two instructor courses the day before testing tires and never had an issue. Both times it happened were in the same spot and it felt like fuel cut (based on other cars I have experienced).
  10. TRev

    TRev Member

    Car setup/tire and surface also are likely generating different levels of g force too. There a some slight elevation changes on the lot we were using as well.
  11. One additional note after looking at data...the 215/45R17 was worth 2.5 MPH (58.0 vs 60.5) over the 205/50R16 (which is STILL taller than stock) at the top of 2nd. Worth noting (since we were questioning it in grid Sunday) that the rev limiter is same RPM on both a 2014 and 2015.

    That wasn't a disadvantage at Crows ;)

    Got the rear Eibach off and front Eibach on yesterday. Let's just say I am glad we were using a lift for the front bar, and the Eibach directions are...poor. Didn't really get a chance to push it much (Des' wheels and tires were in the car) but even at 50% it is a noticable change. No strange noises or clunks after the install, so that's good :D
  12. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Sounds promising Ed. I ordered a stock Fiesta front bar this morning as it sounds and looks like that is given the desired effect in the cars.

    Is it just me that finds the rev limiter in these cars extremely annoying? Like it is almost insanely too soft of a limiter?
  13. So on the stock (non-ST) Fiesta bar, does it come with bushings? When I priced it out thru Tascaparts, it looked like the bar itself was cheap...and the bushings/brackets were insanely overpriced. To the point it was about the same money for the (standalone) Eibach front bar!

    Limiter is soft and a bit hard to hear/feel....that said, I'd take it over an abrupt/intrusive limiter in a turn :)
  14. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    The bushings weren't that expensive but the brackets did have a higher price, still less then 100bucks though for everything.

    I guess I'm used to the limiter in my evo, it gets there and rapidly bounces well the FiST hits it and then slowly drops off cutting power. Nothing new, ill just have to shift into third more at Lincoln.
  15. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Wishing the Crow's Pro Solo drivers a fun weekend. I hope everyone is able to test and tune and maybe find out about the Rival-S.
  16. TRev

    TRev Member

    That's a great price. I would have gone that way as well but the cheapest I found was $177.47 shipped. The brackets were quoted at $49.84 and two are needed from what I was told. With the price difference being only about $50, I decided to go the Corksport route.
  17. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Well...I did get a discount because of my job so that is probably the different.
  18. Des

    Des Active Member

    A really great event, good data, but no final results available on the Web yet. For some reason solo live doesn't have the final runs, and SCCA doesn't have results up yet. Lots of changes Sunday morning -- Josh and Shane charged to the top, Ed made a great run, and the rest of us pretty much froze in place. Only Josh made it to the Challenge, because he put such a hurt on the rest of us. Boo Josh!

    So it looks like this (Class position, pax position, name, car, final time):
    1. 42 Josh Salvage Fiesta 67.008 (T)
    2. 59 Shane Jensen Fiesta 67.555 (T)
    3. 62 Des Toups Fiesta 67.699 (T)
    4. 66 Ed Runnion Fiesta 67.854 (T)
    5. 76 Navid Kahangi Fiesta 68.167
    6. 77 Chris Kannan Fiesta 68.207
    7. 99 Deana Kelley 69.078
    8. 118 Rob Luis Mini 69.706
    9. 137 Alan Jung Mini 70.450
    10. 147 Jason Rodriguez Fiesta 70.095
    In L2 it was:
    4. 74 Pam Kannan Fiesta 68.123 (T)​
    6. 86 Mary Pozzi Fiesta 68.629
    11. 179 Deanna Durbin Fiesta 74.763

    Pam and Mary made it to the Challenge.

    Ed will have better specific information on setup, but all were on Bridgestones of various sizes and all used a front bar. The Eibach folks said theirs was clunking something fierce.Also, we noticed that the people on 245s (once they used the fenders to shave them down :)) dipped into the 2.1s for 60-foots on several occasions.

    Very, very fast course -- large third-gear sections both going out and coming back, and it was all about power -- why we paxed relatively low but still waxed the Minis. It was about the worst possible course for a Mini. Rob Luis is a fine driver -- he's beaten all of us in that very car.
  19. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I was watching closely as you all have front bars. Good job by you all though, the times were close!
  20. FWIW...

    1. We tried the Rival S on my car in Friday TnT. Let's just say that without some setup changes, it was pretty clear RE71R was the answer (me, Josh, Mary, Des all taking runs in various cars). So I was on a 205/50R16 RE71R square setup this weekend. Josh and Des were on 215 fronts (Des on 215s in back, Josh on 205/50R16 Z2SS in back), Navid and Chris/Pam on 245s (Navid on 205/50R16 Z2SS in back, Chris/Pam on 215 RE71R in back). Jason was on Z2SS and lets just say the event results were not reflective of his normal local driving. I'll try the Rival S some more this year, but suspect unless I find something big that I'll be on the RE71R the rest of the year for National events.

    2. I did sneak into the high 2.1s on 60fts with the 205/50R16 RE71Rs ;)

    3. Front Eibach bar : it has a LOT less clearance to the subframe than the Corksport (CLUNK). Have it not adjusted perfect, it makes some noise (CLUNK). Mine was making noise both Friday TnT and Sat AM (CLUNK). Navid and I adjusted it on my car before Sat afternoon, clunk was gone (yay!). Interestingly the Eibach bar was quiet on Josh and Navid's cars, clunked at first but adjusted away on my car, and I'm not sure we ever did get the clunk adjusted away on Chris and Pam's car...infer from that what you will about manufacturing tolerances (both Ford and Eibach).

    4. Bar thoughts : For anything remotely like this type course, the bigger front bar was the right answer. Get an "all sweepers no transitions" course and/or "tight as crap" local course and you might be better off with the stock front bar...maybe. Will say NONE of the cars felt all that great (all with big front bars) on the Friday TnT course (Josh designed...and I suspect it came out tighter than Josh intended). They felt GREAT on the Pro Course.

    5. Rob Luis : we'll get him into a FiST at some event locally this year. As Des said, he is a helluva driver but the course was NOT Mini friendly!!

    6. They ended up taking only 8 for Ladies Challenge, so Mary missed it (she was 11th Qualifier). However after Des left they announced Shane Jensen DID make the challenge and he took his runs in Josh' car. Shane went out in 1st Rd, Josh made Round of 8, Pam kicked some butt and got 2nd spot in the Ladies Challenge!!!!
  21. Almost forgot to mention : CAR WEIGHTS. We took advantage of the impound scales and weighed both my car and Navid's car on Saturday afternoon.

    My car : 16x7 Sparcos with 205/50R16 RE71Rs, MBRP Catback (wash within a lb or 2 of stock exhaust, weighed both when installing exhaust), Eibach front bar, no spare/tools/cover, NO Recaros/Sunroof, roughly 1/4 tank gas

    Navid's car : 17x7 Motegi with 245/40R17 RE71R front, 16x7 Sparco with 205/50R16 Z2SS rear, stock exhaust, Eibach front bar, no spare/tools/cover, Recaros (no Sunroof), roughly 1/8th tank gas

    BOTH cars came in at 2599 on the scales without driver ( let's just say Navid is a good bit lighter than I am :D )

    Not bad at all for a modern hatchback. Also seems to settle the "are the Recaros made of lead" question (i.e. heavy heavy) as "no".

    Also weighed Chris Kannan's car, but it was with higher fuel level and on stock wheels and thus came in at 2665...
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