277WTQ / 212 WHP 2JR Catback / Downpipe / Cowl Induct Intake

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by joe@2j-racing, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    We've hinted at our cowl induction intake and this weekend we took it to the track to test it under severe conditions. Lap after lap, the intake temps never rose above the ambient temps, even after 30mins at full throttle. Very impressive considering the simplicity of the intake.

    Prior to heading out, we worked on the Cobb Tune via our pro tuner software. We were able to put down consistent 275-277 torque and 210-212 hp at the wheels. Excellent results with only an intake and exhaust.

    At the track we jumped out ahead of all the FRS/BRZs and E36 M3s, except one. We lost by less than 8 thousands of a second - falling to 2nd place (#72).

    All in all, great weekend!

    WP_20140413_21_58_09_Pro.jpg seat.jpg WP_20140413_09_43_02_Pro.jpg WP_20140411_00_37_42_Pro.jpg WP_20140411_00_24_15_Pro.jpg
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  3. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    Now THATS how you do a proper intake! Sign me up.

    Is there an existing hole in the firewall to pass that tube through?
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  4. 70sstrat08

    70sstrat08 Member

    This is very exciting.

    I'm wondering about this as well.
    Did you have to wire up new connections for the MAF as well?
  5. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Less weight, mounted further back, no worries about picking up water from a low mount unit, frees up space for an oil cooler if room to get air to it and not be in front of the radiator.

    in my case considering installing a smaller window washer tank in the back of the car I could just put a small one there as may use the fog light locations for brake cooling inlets but the tank is in the way on one side.....

    Great idea:)
  6. shawnin60seconds

    shawnin60seconds New Member

    That intake is sweet!
  7. FaST

    FaST New Member

    Looks awesome!!!!!! What kind of wheels are those???

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  8. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    Any cutting required?
  9. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    Are you going to sell this intake? If not please post more pics of how it attaches, etc. And like someone else asked, do you have to re-locate wiring to do this?
  10. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    From another msg board he mentioned cutting a hole in the plastic for the piping to pass through. Im not too concerned about that as I'll likely buy a spare if I purchase this intake when it becomes available. And you could slice a piece of 1/2 rubber tubing down the middle to seal that opening where the intake passes through.

    Im more concerened if altering the MAF wiring is required. (Not a fan of splicing into factory harnesses)
  11. ryst

    ryst Active Member

  12. Ronbo

    Ronbo Member

    Does that intake have a CARB EO number? ;)
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  13. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    It is just the prototype unit, not being produced yet, it takes a great deal of time and money to get CARB so not likley to even happen but if he decides to do it be prepared to spend more and have some serious patience.

    The Fist is a low volume car so it will be rare to have anything CARB approved for this car.
  14. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    I'm pretty sure ronbo was joking
  15. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

  16. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Sweet. Joe, you are definitely the one testing the durability of this engine!
  17. Pinion

    Pinion New Member

    So when you say exhaust and intake are we talking, downpipe with / with out cat and 3inch the rest of the way back? And the cobb tune is done with tweaks by you to maximize it right?
  18. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    The pic was taken with the MAF wire unplugged but it is plugged in and it is used to measure IAT. Its required.

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  19. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

    Maybe I missed it, but was any modification to wiring required for the maf?

    PS would totally love an intake setup like that!!!

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  20. Jutz

    Jutz New Member

    Been about a month, what's the status on this bad boy. Any answers to the questions about cutting/modding to get it in there?
  21. Jutz

    Jutz New Member

    So...I'm guessing no updates?

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