4 OEM Wheels for sale

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Parts for Sale' started by Pedro, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Selling the original OEM wheels no tires or sensors on them. They were plasti dipped black when in use. After taking all of the plasti dip off they are unharmed from rocks or curbs. Sale price is $300 or best offer. I would like to deal locally but will ship if need. I am in San Diego California.


    Edit: They are the light silver wheels. Also center caps included.
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  3. Kevin R

    Kevin R Member

    Can I be first in line if you don't find a local buyer? I'm in no rush (don't need them until fall) so try to sell locally first.

    Although I'm in Vancouver I'd have you ship them to Point Roberts, Washington.
  4. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Yeah thats fine. Ill let you know some time in the middle/end of August?
  5. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    I will PM you later this evening. I'm in Anaheim.

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  6. Kevin R

    Kevin R Member

    Sounds good. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if they sell before that.
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  7. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Great waiting for pm :)
  8. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Still for sale.
  9. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member


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