$750 ($500 on Fiests or Focus) Private Cash

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Montana Rane, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    I requested brochures for the following cars: Taurus, Fusion, Mustang, Focus, Focus ST, and Fiesta, and about five days later they all arrived in the mail. The brochures for the Taurus, Fusion, and Mustang all contained coupons for Private cash and the brochures for the Focus, Focus ST, and Fiesta did not. But the coupons contained in the other brochures work on the Focus and Fiesta . The private cash amount was $750 on most cars and $500 on the Focus or Fiesta (no exclusions for the ST versions). If you are buying a Fiesta ST this is an easy way to save $500 in addition to all other discounts and rebates.
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  3. DK58

    DK58 New Member

    I've read that many people haven't received the private cash coupon in the Fiesta brochure, but I just received one today and mine did have the coupon. I am not sure if it depends on the time period in which you state you plan on buying the car or what.
  4. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    I guess the Shotgun approach is the best method then. Just request one brochure for each type of Ford and hope for the best. Strictly by the numbers my success rate was three out out of six but that equals 100% since I only need one coupon :)
  5. MadMoose

    MadMoose New Member

    I requested a bunch of brochures online about a week ago. Haven't received them yet but just got an email from ford with the $500 private cash in it !
  6. Are you guys that are getting multiple brochures using the same address? Mine expired, but I used a relatives address in a different state but with same name and received the private cash. I saw on the internet people sending them to friends and relatives addresses.

    I was just finishing up this morning buying a Fiesta long distance and the dealer just called and said I can't use the private cash since it's not my address. Even though it's my name. I told them no deal then. Only the very first brochure at my home had the coupon. No others had it.

    So now no deal. And he won't bend. Nor will I. I'll order some more, but I doubt they'll have it either. This blows as this deal was going down today!!! Argh!!!
  7. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    I would try ordering multiple brochures using the 800 customer service and then also requesting them online again. It is hard to wait for them to arrive but you may have luck that way. Definitely request one of every type of car since the cash offer is sporadic (see my earlier post). I had this same issue and the address on the card has to match address that you are registering the car to and I did not find a way around that. Good Luck
  8. Yea the address matching can't be avoided I guess. Which stinks. I saw on other forums where people talked about not getting the $500 coupon so they sent them to family members and friends. I never saw them post back so I assume that didn't work. I ordered two pickup brochures and will wait till they arrive with or without coupons. I wonder if there is a limit to each household? I just can't buy knowing there's $500 out there that I'd be missing out on.
  9. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    I would suggest ordering more brochures that that. Try getting them for the fusion, mustang, Tauras, etc. Three of the six I ordered did not have coupons so the more the merrier
  10. Yea I will wait for the pickup ones to show up and see if they have anything. I think I put down 30-90 day buying period. Then I will stagger ordering brochures with other vehicles and buying periods. I just hope I'm not black flagged since I did get one at my address last November. Like I said it's just not in me to buy without using the $500 that I "know" is available. Can't fault the dealers since the $500 goes to them directly from Ford. I don't expect them to come down without it. But darn it I want it!!!
    PS. Just noticed the 2015 Mustang brochure is now available. Should be cool to get.
  11. Montana Rane

    Montana Rane New Member

    It it possible for you to register your car initially to the address on the card and then change the address. In California the cost to change the address on file is minimal I think. Just a thought.
  12. According to the dealer today when my deal fell through, they go by the address on your license. That's where the car will be registered. The private cash address must match that. As does the insurance card, which they had me email them. So while I'm not 100% sure, it seems a quick "move" is out of the question. Unless someone can figure a way around it.

    What sucks is the dealer did a hard pull on my credit before they figured out the private cash wasn't available. I'm hoping since I applied to this dealer and was approved, I'm good with every Ford dealer in the near future. Don't need multiple wasted credit hits.
  13. MadMoose

    MadMoose New Member

    So I just used the private cash on my fiesta ST purchase yesterday. The private cash has my current address on it and my driver's license has my old address still. I ordered brochures for both my old and current addresses and only the ones for my new address had the cash offer in them. Dealer never said a word about it
  14. RKTFiST

    RKTFiST New Member

    What does the private cash coupon look like? My dealer tells me that the "private cash" coupon that was printed into my Fiesta mailer doesn't count as it is factored into the current incentive package I am getting ($2500 off MSRP). Are they trying to screw me out of it or am I out of bounds?
  15. There's no way to miss it. It states "private cash $XXX just for you". If you order a brochure other than the Fiesta it will be $750, but in the fine print it will state $500 off on the Fiesta.

    Back in November when I ordered my first brochure, I called the Ford Marketing department. They stated this is in addition to your best deal. So wait till the end to mention it. According to them, it's $500 right back in their pocket from Ford, so there should be NO issues.

    My only guess is you possibly have some incentives that might not stack? I don't know of any though that would cause conflict. Unless you're using another "private offer" say being a Ford shareholder or a member of a club. They won't stack "private offers".

    The dealer can break down all incentives you are receiving. Have him list them. $2500 off MSRP seems like a good deal, but I'm a cheap ass so there's no reason to not try and knock off another $500 if possible.

    Let us know how your deal breaks down to get $2500 under MSRP.
  16. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member


    Mine have looked something like this

    Or these
  17. RKTFiST

    RKTFiST New Member

    None of the brochures I've ordered have anything of the sort on them. Thank you for posting pictures of what they should look like. I'm definitely not happy that I am not receiving them; perhaps it's regional marketing tool?
  18. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Don't feel too bad I had one when i went to order my car but It was not good on the ST at the time and they said keep trying so over the next 7.5 month you think i could hook up another coupon ?? Heck No .. Oh well I have used them before and if you get one they are sweet little add on . I look at it as Free Shipping lol
  19. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    I got a deal in the mail yesterday with the private cash thing on it. Too bad I can't buy yet unless they give me the $23,000 private cash. :p I've gotten two more brochures with it as well in the past several months.
  20. b17drvr

    b17drvr New Member

    I got an email with the private cash for singing up on the Ford website. Also, if you are using X-plan, you get the private cash. Sometimes the dealer can just look it up and get you the private cash. I have done that before.
  21. Parker

    Parker Member

    so I requested brochures online but I guess it didn't work. I called the Ford marketing department and requested the brochures through them. I did that last Wednesday (1 week ago) and even before hanging up, they were able to get me the program # and certificate # for my $500 ford private cash. So the next day I was able to use the coupon at the dealer even though the brochures just barely got here today. Just an FYI

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