A little help?--A new, annoying sound

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Maintenance' started by jimclark, May 31, 2014.

  1. appst8

    appst8 New Member

    What was the result? Did you end up getting a new transmission like a few of the others?
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  3. ISO100

    ISO100 Member

    Yes, new transmission under warranty.
  4. Chris G

    Chris G Member

    This thread has been incredibly helpful to read through as I start to hear more noises (that I am unsure of how long they have really been around) on my FiST with 8k miles. Look forward to many of your updates moving forward.

    My transmission has the good old 1-2 2-3 clunk when shifting that I wrote off as normal. And now it's producing what I am describing as a slight rattle between 3-4k RPM under light load. It's only audible if my windows are up and my radio is off. I've also noticed it's intermittent and not consistent through the entire RPM range I listed above. If I put my foot in it I don't notice it and it doesn't do it when revving up in neutral. I'm a little confused at this point, but am going to keep driving to see if it gets any worse.
  5. codev

    codev New Member

    I just heard mine do this last night and joined this forum. I have just over 1K miles. I will have to take it to Ford I guess.
  6. Chris G

    Chris G Member

    If you're not modded, then no worries. That is my concern... I have a few simple mods and I would be a little upset if they nicked me for them if something does happen.
  7. codev

    codev New Member

    I'm trying not to man. I started hearing stuff because I drove my wife's car (the Fiesta ST) after she got new tires. We had them balanced on the GSP9700 and I can still feel vibration. So at that point, I figured I gotta start listening...maybe it's not the tires/wheel balance. The RF readings were like 8 all around..which is pretty low.

    I'm going to maybe hook up my Chassis Ears and try to record it and see what the deal is.
  8. Chris G

    Chris G Member

    I would be afraid to see what other noises you find. Haha.
  9. bduane

    bduane New Member

    I seem to have a similar issue. The problem is intermittent, but frequent. It only happens under load, and is most noticeable at low/mid RPM's at highway speeds. This did not happen during the first few months I had the card, I first noticed it when winter started and the roads were wet, and I thought it had something to do with moisture. I still feel the noise is significantly louder when the roads are wet. I have had friends ask me what the heck this whining noise is, sometimes it is quite loud, other times it is mild, and other times you can't hear it at all. When it happens, it seems to happen for the duration of my trip at least, it doesn't suddenly stop while driving.

    The volume/pitch of the sound seems to vary with RPM, and goes away completely when I let off the gas.

    Of course, I took it to the dealer and we went for a quick ride on the express way and couldn't reproduce it. I tried to record it on my iphone but the video doesn't reproduce the sound very well, i could pick out the sound in the video, but barely.

    Any suggestions?
  10. Nick Cooper

    Nick Cooper New Member

    noticed that sound on day two of owning the car and its gotten worse in my opinion, brought it to my dealer and they thought i was joking, they turned my car back to me in under an hour and said it was fine. have the service record to show about the complaint too. the shifts have been getting clunky and gears are fluttering. not sure what to do next and its frustrating because they say its "fine". maybe ford rep can help out?
  11. sumo64c

    sumo64c Member

    I am well over 60,000 miles now and clunky shifts are normal after the ST has been warmed up around the 30 minute mark of driving. It's been that way for well over 20,000 miles and other than the noise it hasn't caused any other issue. I have the intake noise on the video and it's no worse than when it started. It's a noisy rollerskate guys, when it quits making those noises I'll take it in because something would be wrong.
  12. Chris G

    Chris G Member

    Any more updates from anyone on this? Mine is still making the same noise I've described a page or two back. It's prominent when I listen for it and only appears under partial throttle. I'm sort of waiting for something to explode, but until then, I keep on driving normal as ever. :)

    Just passed 10k miles the other day.
  13. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox New Member

    Sorry to reopen such an old topic, but did you ever get to the bottom of your issue JimClark?

    My car started to make exactly the same noise as you describe in your OP and what can be heard in your video on page 2. I didn't notice it from new, but in July, I started to hear it. It's taken me a little while to get access (thank you Ron), but I thought I'd post what I'd experienced.

    By July, I'd done around 6500 - 7000 miles. I've taken it in to my local dealer twice, as I was a bit worried by the sound - brand new car and going away for a couple of weeks. The first time, it had rained, so the road noise made it very difficult to hear. The second time, I was told it was just the turbo noise and that the sounds would change anyway as my car wore in. If you stand outside and listen whilst someone revs the engine, you can hear a very similar noise as the rpm decreases.

    I wasn't totally convinced, plus I think I've lost a bit of the 'umpf' in higher gears. But that might just be me. Anyway, I've been on holiday, nothing else to report there, so maybe it's true? It doesn't appear to be getting any worse recently, although it did get a bit louder from July to August.
    My brother has just bought a second-hand one (14k miles on it) and he commented on the noises the car makes. One sounds like the the same thing I'm experiencing - judging how he describes it. I still need to go for a drive with him at some point, but assuming it's the same, could this just be a noisey little turbo?

    The rest of you sound like you're having lots of fun with your cars... :confused:


    Grey Fox
  14. arcyallen

    arcyallen Member

    "Transmission Teardown". That's what my service rep just called to tell me they'll do if their troubleshooting ideas don't work. He didn't sound optimistic. I have "The 1-2 2-3 gearshift clunk" and, while not horribly loud, is noticeable. Almost sounds like a loose motor mount. Or if you rock the car by hand when it's off and in gear. Either way, they'll have the car for a week. Add all new rotors to this, and I've never had a rougher 4k miles in my life. I've driven about 400k miles and have never killed a transmission. Yet in my first 4k? Ugh. I LOVE the way my ST feels, but this does not look promising.
  15. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    A Cobb rear motor mount and motul DCTF will solve the gearshift clunk problem....
  16. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee Guest

    New to these forums. Any resolution to the annoying noise? I can't stand it anymore. Just over 10k miles and its been going on for about 8k miles. My car is at the dealer now and they say it is "normal". It is hard to believe that a noise like that could be normal. Anyone have a solution to this?
  17. arcyallen

    arcyallen Member

    I'm still waiting for my Service Manager to call me back to set a followup appointment on several issues. I'd called two days ago. Still no response. This is after I complained to him directly that NONE of the service reps ever called me back when I called them directly - not once. The 1-2 and 2-3 shift clunk is getting louder. Now you can hear it just by letting out the clutch at a stand still. With 7k miles, I'm not impressed.

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