A miserable day but one good thing

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wash, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I got pretty sick yesterday, joint pain, aching muscles, tired, intestinal distress, sinus pressure, even tinnitus but one good thing happened.

    There are lots of surplus stores around here and after I couldn't take it any more at work I visited one trying to kill some time between then and when my pub trivia started because driving home and fighting traffic did not seem like a good idea. I wound up sleeping in a parking lot for about three hours, skipping pub trivia and curling up with a bottle of Pedialyte but the good thing happened before that.

    I found a big worm gear at the surplus store!

    I've been looking for years.

    I've always wanted an engine stand with a crank that rotates the engine, something like Cosworth used in the movie Superspeedway. I've looked and I think they cost about $2,000, very far out of my engine stand budget. A worm gear is the heart of the rotating part and very difficult to find so now I can look for the easy to find stuff (a few big bearings) and fabricate my own fancy rotating engine stand.
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