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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by Pedro, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Lets just say you slide no matter what you do, going straight, braking, turning, and blinking. Although when I had the stock tires there was even less grip weirdly enough. The current set up I run Hankooks Rs3.
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  3. Jonnyz

    Jonnyz Member

    Ya I noticed the same thing on the stock wheels last time I was on the dirt. You should also talk to some local officials about getting that road repaved, looked pretty gnarly in some spots.
  4. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Second Part, Don't forget to subscribe to my new youtube channel to get more videos like this!

  5. InsTwin

    InsTwin Member

    If you want to improve your audio quality, maybe use a mic from inside the car to record a separate audio track, then delete the audio tracks off your recordings and sound-sync the interior audio. I might also suggest some other camera angles, as these don't really give you any idea of what car you're driving.

    Maybe you could mount your GoPro near where the Antenna is?
  6. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Just got rear ended tonight in traffic... The car has a puncture in the bumper from the front license plate from the other car. I'm fine but I feel heart broken :(
  7. haste

    haste Member


    Me, lifting a wheel. :)
  8. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    That sucks! At least its only the bumper and not sheet metal. Scars build character.
  9. FORZDA 2

    FORZDA 2 Member

    Hmmmm, that sure looks like Dinwiddie Motorsports Park. I'm thinking you were running with the VMSC. They may remember my red `91 Escort GT.
  10. haste

    haste Member

    Yessir, you are correct. It was my 3rd autocross event and my first in the ST. I'm looking forward to more!
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  11. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Update: Car is back and is like it is brand new again. No frame damage which I am thankful for. I get two weeks off for winter break where I will go and make some more videos. Hopefully the weather doesn't make it snow in the location I want to do next. I am slowly moving north. Also would you guys like me to do another segment where I talk about the Roads I drive on and rate them? I would also talk about how the car handles each type.
  12. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Uphill of Palomar at night running on the new ford racing coilovers

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  13. KKaWing

    KKaWing Member

    Looks... really stiff. :D
  14. Pedro

    Pedro Active Member

    Downhill part of Palomar Mountain


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