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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by razorlab, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    After looking around at the current FMIC offerings for the Fiesta ST, I zeroed in on the AIRTEC FMIC for my Fiesta ST.

    The problem with my search is there is almost ZERO data out there on them so far. Sure there are photos and dimensions and things like "Cooler, much wow" but actual data is hard to come by.

    I decided to just go for it.


    1. It filled the front lower opening completely, like stock.
    2. Nice end tank design
    3. Size
    4. Price

    Only problem is you have to order it from the UK. Which wasn't really a problem, since it literally took only TWO DAYS to get to me from the UK after placing the order. Great service!

    Anyway, I have install photos and logs in my Fiesta ST build thread but I figured I would also create this thread for people searching for FMIC info.

    Fit great, easy install. There are only three things you have to remove to get it to fit perfect and that is three bolts underneath that would otherwise hit the core and eventually wear through it. So wonder no more, this FMIC fits USDM Fiestas no problem! With the bumper cover on, it looks exactly like stock, which is exactly what I wanted. :)

    Does it work? Hell yes it does.

    Here are two datalogs, OEM FMIC vs AIRTEC FMIC. It was the closest to the same temp log I could find. It was a couple degrees cooler for the OEM FMIC log and as you can see, the AIRTEC still kicked its ass.

    Red is AIRTEC, green is OEM.

    Starting temp OEM: 77F
    Ending temp OEM: 99F
    Temp increase: 22F

    Starting temp AIRTEC: 79F
    Ending temp AIRTEC: 83F
    Temp increase: 4F

    Ambient temp for both logs - Approx 70-74F


    Install photos:









    Tight fit but fits perfect:

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  3. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    great job posting real data showing the before and after temps. I honestly had zero plans on changing the FMIC on the ST due to cost and I figured the stock IC would be fine. Data like what is shown, along with research from other sources, is pointing out that the FMIC upgrade is very important to consistant performance. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for shipping to get it to the US?
  4. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    $604 shipped
  5. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    not too bad at all.
  6. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Some more data for you all.

    Here is a quick little 3rd and 4th gear pull on a curved hwy on-ramp. I may or may not have been playing around with a RS4 in front of me. ;)

    Ambient temp was approx 70F

    Charge Temp starts at 73.8F
    Charge Temp ends at 78.1F when I let off at 4400rpm in 4th for a 4.3F temp increase

    I had posted the same type of log awhile back with the OEM FMIC and the charge temp increase was about 25F!

    IAT starts at 73.4F, ends at 72F. Notice the approx 2F spike on gear shift. Makes sense since the intake isn't sucking in air at that point.

  7. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Here is another. Sitting at idle in traffic with that nice running motor making lots of heat.

    Charge Air Temp is basically 118F
    Intake Air Temp is basically 120F

    Notice the similarities between the two. ;)

    Now, as soon as the car starts moving....

    Charge Temp drops much quicker than IAT, since the FMIC is out there in fresh air and the intake is still surrounded by hot stuff.

    Charge Temp drops from 118F to 88F
    Intake Temp drops from 121F to 100F

  8. MarkCup

    MarkCup New Member

    Great thread. Saved me the bother of doing this myself.

    I've long wanted to understand exactly how much there is to gain on the road or track from an upgraded intercooler.

    Initially I thought not too much as on road or track I rarely ever exceed the temps at which, on a rolling road, mine made more than claimed manufacturer figures. 42C on the dynometer and the most I've seen on track is 46C (excuse my UK units!).

    4C can't make that much difference, right?

    This thread has made me think again. Does anyone know or have comparative dyno graphs to show how much power is lost with with every F or C gained?
  9. MarksST

    MarksST New Member

  10. MarkCup

    MarkCup New Member

  11. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Did some more logging today on a "spirited drive" through my favorite local twisty road. It's about 11 miles of driving. The second half of the log is not in clean air, it's drafting air from the rear of a new Camaro and you can see it reflected in the log. ;)

    The AIRTEC FMIC still seems to have been an excellent choice, as you can see the charge temps never really sway more than 10* either way and are VERY close to being directly inline with the intake temps.

    That said. I think it might be time for a larger turbo... this car is pretty capable and it running out of breath with this toy turbo is really limiting it.

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  12. audiphile

    audiphile Member

    now paint it black and report back!
  13. koozy

    koozy Active Member

    yeah, got wonder about painting it black. razorlab, perhaps you may also be interested in finding out too? And you'll also get to measure your Airctec intercooler's for actual dimensions? LOL ;)
  14. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Yea.... not going to paint it black. ;)

    Good news for others, they offer it in black as well.
  15. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Was out doing some fine tuning getting the car ready for my next track event.

    It was about 79-80F ambient out. Sea level.

    2014 Fiesta ST
    Power mods:
    Custom Tune (by me)
    E30 fuel
    AIRTEC fmic
    Boost: 22psi peak to 14psi at 6500rpm
    Approx power on this tune (Using VDyno): 210whp/282wtq

    3rd gear pull
    Intake temp start: 81.8F
    Intake temp end: 80.2F
    Charge temp start: 83.5F
    Charge temp end: 86.7F
    Charge temp increase: 3.2F
    Delta of end intake temp and end charge temp: 6.5F

    3rd gear pull, directly after above, slowing down to low rpm
    Intake temp start: 82F
    Intake temp end: 80.6F
    Charge temp start: 84.4F
    Charge temp end: 88F
    Charge temp increase: 3.6F
    Delta of end intake temp and end charge temp: 7.4F

    3rd and 4th gear pull to 5400rpm in 4th gear
    Intake temp start: 82F
    Intake temp end: 79.4F
    Charge temp start: 83.7F
    Charge temp end: 86.4F
    Charge temp increase: 2.7F
    Delta of end intake temp and end charge temp: 7F

    This FMIC still rocks. Very happy with this purchase. Obviously it works.

    The true true test will be the track event.
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  16. koozy

    koozy Active Member

    nice, thanks for sharing.
  17. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Some more data around my Airtec FMIC upgrade.

    Here is a 4th and 5th gear to about 5000rpm hwy WOT pull.

    It was 95F out at the time.

    Charge temp
    Start - 100F
    End - 105F

    Intake temp
    Start - 98.5F
    End - 97.5F

  18. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Here are some logs from my last two track events. I posted these in my build thread awhile back but figured I would put them in this thread as well since they apply to the FMIC data as well!

    First track event in the FiST

    This is a datalog of my last session of the day in the afternoon. About four full laps of a 2.8 mile course. It was about 95* ambient at the time. The hottest session.

    Notice charge temps only gain about 10-12* over intake temp. FMIC still working great even in these extreme conditions!

    Also notice how constant the intake temps are. I guess the OEM box/intake works well in shielding engine temps! Only about a 5* spread!


    Second track event in the FiST

    Here is an overlay of a session from this event with an overlay of a session from last event. It's fairly obvious it was a much cooler day by the charge temps. Huge difference! The interesting data to note is that coolant and oil temps show a much less difference. They are obviously cooler this time but not by much!

    Blue plots are from last event in 98F weather
    Red plots are from this event in 65F weather

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  19. Cesso

    Cesso Member

    You couldn't ask for better intake and charge air temps for a track session. Those oil temps are higher than I'd like however, looks like a radiator and oil cooler would serve this car well.
  20. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    Razorlab, since you seem to have done your homework and research, would you enlighten the rest of us as to why you didn't choose the other commonly available intercoolers like Cobb?
  21. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    The COBB fmic wasn't available at the time, although I probably still would have gone with the Airtec for the price and it seems to take everything I throw at it.

    The other FMIC's on the market where either smaller or didn't fit visually in the front how I liked. The Airtec and Cobb are the most OEM looking and fill the space fully.

    The ATP has a good core but I hated how you could see the end tanks and it didn't fill the space fully.
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