Almost new fiesta ST stock tires

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Parts for Sale' started by AdrianBrewster, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Hey guys!
    Im planning on selling my stock tires. They have all of 150 miles on them, maybe even less. They still have the painted line that comes on them if that tells you anything. I bought my car when there was a foot of snow on the ground so the very next day I bought all season tires.

    Im asking 250, which i believe to be more than fair.

    Im located in Bloomington, Indiana and my phone number is (224) 234-9486. Feel free to call, but texting is preferred. I can also text pictures if you would like to see the tires.
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  3. svt3d

    svt3d Member

    are you willing to ship?
  4. if you pay for the shipping, I dont see why not. Im not sure how shipping would work on tires, but I assume Ill need to find a pretty huge box for them. As long as you cover expenses, Im certainly happy to drop them off at the fedex or UPS..
  5. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Don't put them in boxes. Use strapping tape to fix cardboard to both sides. Several wraps around in a star pattern should do it. Write on the cardboard. . .. That's how my tires and wheels were shipped from Tire Rack. That way you don't have to pay for the extra weight of the boxes and padding to keep them from slopping around inside.

    I picked my car up at night and had the tires and wheels changed the next morning, with fewer than 100 miles on them.
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  6. Good thinking, that would be much easier and much less bulky. Tires without wheels are not all that heavy either. So yes, Shipping should not be an issue at all.
  7. speedprotege

    speedprotege Member

    How much to ship them to Marine City Michigan?
  8. the guy at the ups store says it would be around 150.. I can call fedex and see if they have a better price for you.
  9. fed ex said 92 dollars to ship to marine city, michigan
  10. svt3d

    svt3d Member

    I don't think I want to know but shipping to 98406 the best way to ship them would def. be how Zormecteon said! their tires they don't need boxes.
  11. Shipping to 98406 is 60 a tire, so 240 for the set
  12. svt3d

    svt3d Member

    thats going to be a little steep for tires that I really don't need, Im a bit of a wheel whore as is. I will look into see what my work will ship them for and let you know if they aren't gone by then!
  13. G Lo's ST

    G Lo's ST New Member

    I will pick them up from you if u still have them. Im an hour southeast of Bloomington. Contact me if u still have these.
  14. I do still have them. Call me at 224 234 9486 or text me.

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