and the wrench light appears

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by yogerdt, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. yogerdt

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    So the wrench light finally popped its head up. It first came on during my drive to IL last week. Pulled over to get some gas and bam, there the light is. In the 2015 manual there is no mention of the wrench light so I took to the forums. I ran a health report on the car, nothing. I ran a scan with my Accessport, nothing. So I ended up finishing my drive to get to where I need to be. I called a dealer in the area and brought it there in the morning. They ran through it and couldn't find anything wrong. They ended up telling me it came on for an oil related problem. I only had about 2000 miles on it after my last oil change so I thought it was weird. They said they couldn't get the light to reset no matter what they did. They ended up saying they would need to put in a new cluster, so I said what the hell it's covered. Well they couldn't get it installed before I headed back home so I made an appointment at my local dealer. It is currently at the dealership getting looked at. I will update when I know more. Just trying to add some more info to the wrench light data base :scared:
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  3. yogerdt

    yogerdt New Member

    Forgot to mention when I got it back from the dealer in IL, my drivers side window wouldn't come up by itself.
  4. yogerdt

    yogerdt New Member

    Update: So my window is fixed, the wrench light not so much. My local dealership basically told me the same thing. They had their head technician on it and he couldn't figure it out. They said the light is a maintenance light but they couldn't get it to reset either. They ended up contacting Ford directly and they couldn't solve the problem. They ended up going with what Ford told them and bought a need cluster so that will be going in when it arrives. The dealership says they have never seen something like this and I am actually still kind of confused. Not sure why only one light would be bad in the whole cluster. After I get the new cluster in I will update.
  5. koozy

    koozy Active Member

    It's mostly likely the oil change minder, if so the Accessport has to be uninstalled to clear that wrench light. try it and let us know.
  6. LotusZX3

    LotusZX3 Member

    Can't remember if it was the wrench or the engine light but early in my ST ownage I had a light pop up because of the capless fuel filler was not sealed correctly.
  7. I had my wrench light come in at 10,500 miles after I did my second oil change at 10,002 miles. It's 99% oil change indicator that so many dealers either forget to or just don't wanna reset. I reset mine according to manual instructions, it went away. Next day stopped by the dealer, they ran diagnostics and checked for any codes, nothing was found and I was on my way. Hasn't came on since...
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  8. Yamo

    Yamo Member

    I can echo this as well. My wrench light turned on around 10,200 after my second oil change. I called one dealership, they told me to bring it in. I called a different one and they told me to "reset the interval, by holding the break + gas pedals for 30 seconds". So far the light is off.
  9. Yamo

    Yamo Member

    One month follow-up. I can still confirm that the light is off without any issues.
  10. My wrench light came on again @ 20,230 miles after I did my 4th oil change at 20,000 miles. Same thing, I dealt with it per the manual recommendation confirming that on the Fiesta/Fiesta ST specifically wrench light indicate a "service due" reminder. If you encounter a serious mechanical issue with the engine, or transmission, or whatever, it'll be taken care by a "check engine" light instead:thumbsup:
  11. yogerdt

    yogerdt New Member

    Just noticed I never updated on this. They did put in a new cluster and all was fine, it's under warranty so I didn't pay anything. I would assume they would've tried all the normal ways to reset it. I've had a recent oil change and no issues so far. If it does come on again I'll remember the break + gas pedal that @Yamo mentioned above :thumbsup:

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