Any other Fords in the Family ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mikeygti, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. spangenb

    spangenb Active Member

    It started for me when I was 16 and inherited my grandparents' '68 Ford Custom sedan. Wimbledon white, no power brakes. Same car Clint Eastwood drove in Dirty Harry, but in white. I have owned a ton of cars since then from domestics to German, Japanese, Brits, and even a Swede. I argue with my girlfriend all the time about Chevy versus Ford. For me, it comes down to how the car feels to my senses: the ride, suspension control, brake feel, steering, even how the turn signal stalk feels LOL. I keep coming back to Ford. Sure, in the seventies the quality and design were pretty bad, but in my opinion Ford led the American car industry out of the dark ages. Over the years I have had:

    '68 Ford Custom sedan (First car. Went ice racing with it 2 months after getting my license! First mod: Cherry Bomb!)
    '72 Galaxie 500 (Mom's car. 351W 4-barrel. Turn the air filter lid upside down and presto, cool police car noises)
    '67 Fairlane GT convertible 4-speed (Unusual car, cool, but a pig compared to my buddy's '68 Road Runner)
    '78 Fiesta (Wow the definition of econobox, but still fun. Bonus: sounds like a Formula Ford)
    '93 Probe SE (First new car. Yeah, mostly a Mazda, but was a great car. Started autocrossing regularly with this car)
    '88 Mustang GT (Drove it the first winter, almost died every trip :-/ Totaled it at an autocross = excuse to build a dedicated autox car)
    '88 Mustang LX (4-cyl with a blown head gasket. Combined with the wrecked GT to build a strong CP autocross car)
    '00 F250 4WD V10 5-speed (ordered it with the stick shift, manual hubs, for towing the CP car)
    '86 Mustang GT (got divorced, sold the F250, bought this GT and a '98 Neon ACR with my half of the proceeds)
    '08 Mustang GT/CS (Grabber Orange. Beautiful car. Well designed and built. Too heavy, too pretty. Hated keeping it clean)
    '12 Focus SEL Premium (Really well done car. Excellent utility, economy, styling, features, driving feel. Tows a utility trailer great)
    '14 Fiesta ST (Molten Orange, Recaros. All the good things from the Focus, plus less weight, more power, even better styling)

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  3. RKTFiST

    RKTFiST New Member

    I have a '93 F250 XLT IDI non-turbo diesel pick up that has treated me pretty well, despite the relative lack of care from its previous owners.
  4. b17drvr

    b17drvr New Member

    2011 F150, 2007 GT500, 2013 Boss 302LS
    My Kid has a Fusion
  5. Roadrunner362

    Roadrunner362 New Member

    I come from a GM family. Both my father and grandfather worked at the Fremont plant. My Ford affair started with a 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX. The first car that I bought myself and actually wanted. I've done more than I can remember to it and will probably never sell it after 23 plus years. Also have a 1964 Galaxies 500xl fastback, a 1994 F150 Lightning with a Vortech supercharger pushing 10lbs of boost and my favorite a 2012 Mustang Boss 302. I had to sell my 2003 Mach1 and 2011 GT with the Brembo package to get the Boss. I must admit that I'm surprised how much I like the Fiesta ST. Truly one of the most fun cars that I've owned.
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  6. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    On my 3rd ford.. Had the 04 focus ztw wagon, 12 fiesta se now have the fiesta st (3 months old)...
  7. b17drvr

    b17drvr New Member

    Did you go to Track Attack?
  8. Roadrunner362

    Roadrunner362 New Member

    Yes I did. I drove to Utah from the SF bay area in my Boss. I was the first owner to show up with their Boss. Ford even washed it for me and parked it in front of the museum on the final day. I drove #83 while there.
  9. b17drvr

    b17drvr New Member

    I drove #57. Had a great time. When I was there a few months ago they were wringing out a Fiesta ST to get ready for the octane booster program. It was pretty impressive. I asked the Instructors if they liked the Focus ST or Fiesta ST better and they all said Fiesta. Two weeks later, I ordered a Fiesta ST! Can't wait to go back to MMP and do another class.
  10. Max Archer

    Max Archer Member

    The ST is the first blue oval that's been in front of my house in my lifetime, unless you count Mazdas with Ford content. In fact, aside from a Fiero my dad had briefly when I was little, it's the only "domestic." (Not that there's much about the ST that's from the USA, but yeah.) I don't think either of my parents ever owned a Ford either, I know my dad hasn't and I'm pretty sure my mom never did either, IIRC my grandparents were Chevy people on her side so she's probably never had one in her life either!

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