Any Plans for Interior Upgrades?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Interior Upgrades' started by D1JL, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    I already have a new Ford Power Button.
    I would also like some sort of Gauge Pod, maybe similar to the Focus.

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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    A boost gauge would be fun if we could only get it on the center stack screen I'd be happy
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  4. Removed

    Removed Guest

    The only thing I have planned short term is ordering a real leather shift boot with contrast stitching to match the Recaro's, if the boot is anything like the Focus ST's it's faux leather with black stitching and I'm a bit OCD so I like things to match.

    Also, I'll probably swap to LED lighting, and maybe the Ford POWER button.
  5. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    I should learn how do do the french stitching on my sewing machine. I could start doing custom boots in my spare time.

    (before you judge, this was an easy way to make money hen I was in the Navy, catching people who needed last-minute patches to be sewn on their uniforms... especially underway on the Sub: $20 a uniform is a very lucrative racket)
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  6. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    YOU HAD ME AT French !!!!
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  7. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Well, don't get fresh with me because all you'll get from me is stitching :p
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  8. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    Any good adventurer knows how to sew at least a little. :) As for the machine, did you RTFM?
  9. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Huh? Manual? is that Spanish? I think he works down at the produce market...
  10. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    So. Wrong.
  11. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    You mean amusing.
  12. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Well, I believe there's an internet rule for that, so I suppose it's all interpretable :p
  13. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    This is retarded, but how do I quote a post without using the BBC?
  14. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    It automatically does it for me when I click the "Reply" link over there -------------------------------------------------------->
  15. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Creepy stalkers...

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  16. Audrey

    Audrey Member


    Followers are like friends. I think "Friends" would have been a better word choice, but whatever.
  17. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Meh, I've realized several years ago I have a few stalkers. "Mostly Harmless".

    Back to topic, I also have the "Power" button. Easy swap-out. I also have custom aluminum pedals going in at some point (saved from Domina) and eventually some choice Mountune parts.

    Decided to sell off the Dectane taillights, they match the 2011-13 style anyways, and I have an Injen CAI in the Garage, waiting to see if it will actually fit in the new bumper, or if Mountune will have something better.
  18. wash

    wash Active Member

    I think I want to buy a spare steering wheel trim and black it out.

    If the sun visors have ugly airbag warning stickers that won't come off, I'll be looking for visors from a market without the warning requirements.

    I might buy Mountune floor mats so I can preserve the stock mats.

    That shift boot sounds like a good idea.

    I think I want to buy a spare rear seat center head rest and then run just the two centers so I have some rear visibility.

    Then I would really like an Olsberg style emergency brake handle for hooning.
  19. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    It does.
    No real guarantees, I'd need a stock boot to disassemble to make a template.
    If you have the Recaro package, they're all low-profile
  20. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    I've been looking for a definitive answer on this and I can't get one. The euro FiST has all low headrests but the fiesta agents STs have large ones. Pics on the site show low ones but there are also laws as to how high the headrest needs to be apparently. It's not 100% that they will be low. Unless you have some inside knowledge...
  21. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    The STs that were in the EcoBoost challenge all had low-profile headrests. I figure that's about as close to production as we'll see before they actually arrive in showrooms. You mentioned Movement members with larger headrests, were they the Recaro seats or the standard ST seats? I have't seen a picture if you could link one?

    Edit: I just went through the photos of BRGT350's ST. I see what you're talking about now. Interesting, we'll have to see.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2013

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