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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by Cligedy, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    So are there any companies yet making shocks/ struts specifically for the ST that would be well suited to autocross? Preferably double adjustable, not coilovers?
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  3. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    The factory suspension works pretty dang good on it's own. Even BRGT350 who does a lot of autoX says he's keeping his suspension stock because Ford did such a good job on it. I personally agree having driven the ST on an autoX type track several times.
  4. limbo

    limbo Active Member

    Tagging along. I haven't seen any yet.

    I definitely think there's room for improvement in the shocks. Too much rebound stock IMO
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  5. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    I'm with you Clidgy. In SCCA street/stock class you can use coil-over shocks and struts as long as you use the original springs and ride height. Adjustable Koni's or even non-adjustable Bilsteins would be great IMO.....
  6. McRib 1s Back

    McRib 1s Back Well-Known Member

    So, these Bilsteins are now 50% discounted you say? :)

    How much is that exactly? Is this from Ford directly?

    If we don't get a group buy going over on the coilover thread, I'll probably pop for these. I've liked them in past applications well enough.

    Like everyone else said, these stock shocks have too much rebound. It's plenty obvious. I'm hoping that my new track wheels and tires soften the blow a bit (225/45/16s). Between bigger sidewalls and lighter wheels, I'm hoping it makes a difference.

    Koni shocks are my all-time favorite for ride quality. The adjustable TwinTube would be my pick. I actually liked these over my coilover setup for my A4 1.8t. Do they make this for our car yet?
  7. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    What's that now? Where did you see this about the Bilsteins?
  8. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    They are now in the $600 range which is a SMOKING deal.
  9. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Where are you seeing this?
  10. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    On the ford racing catalog page and few online retailers have adjusted their prices accordingly. TASCA our site sponsor hasnt caught on to the pricing yet and still has the old price in their system.
  11. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Be more specific. Like what online retailers?
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  12. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    I see that Ford Racing parts does have a $6xx set of the Bilstein coilovers, which is a helluva deal. That doesn't help for people that want to autocross in street/ stock class though.
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  13. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    Tasca (our forum sponsor) has them for $417 plus shipping!!. I just ordered a set from them.

    This is an incredible deal. Bilsteins can be revalved if needed and will likely have better rebound control than the stockers plus of course adjustable height.

    I drive a lot of fast roads with the occasional track day and dont feel the need for the adjustability of the BC coilovers (which would be no doubt better for serious track days and racing).

    Also, H&R makes the springs for Bilstein and Bilstein makes the shocks for H&R. Not sure if the H&R coilovers are identical or if they spec'd different valving. But, at $417 plus shipping its hard to pass up this deal.
  14. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    The perches have to match too, not just in height but in shape too if both perches aren't totally flat. I had to get custom mods made to fit Konis to my '06 Miata as the Koni perches had the wrong profile.

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