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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by joe@2j-racing, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. josz3r

    josz3r New Member

    I keep reading that these coilovers are slotted to adjust the camber. Can someone show me what this means how how it is adjusted?
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  3. flurry

    flurry New Member

    Loosen both lower shock bolts, grab the hub and pull it towards you and up. That movement is the adjustability range. Pulling it up to its max is like -2.8 camber iirc
  4. jasyatz

    jasyatz Member

    The BC don't have slotted lowers, they have full camber plates. But the plates are under the strut tower so you need to remove the strut to adjust it. Just set it max negative, and fine tune it with camber bolts if it's really off. Mine was .2 difference between both sides, I slotted mine by 1mm to get it even.
  5. flurry

    flurry New Member

    My BC BR Coilovers are slotted on the lower mount and there are no camber plates up top.

    Excerpt from 2J Racing post regarding install of the units they sell for the North American Fiesta ST.

    " The BCs are slotted in the front so you canget up to -2.8 deg of camber, right out of the box. Camber plates are not provided since no clearance exists on the strut mount by thefirewall."
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  6. jasyatz

    jasyatz Member

    Huh...very interesting, that they would be that different between the FiST and the base. The slots on the bottom are much easier to deal with, especially since the FiST already comes with smaller diameter "camber bolts" right from the factory. I'd be rubbing the strut housing with the 7.5" wheels getting -2.8 out of just the lower slots on my car. I could however add a spacer or get different wheels with another 5mm if needed for added clearance.
  7. Mr UFO

    Mr UFO Active Member

    Love my BC's from 2J. The car is so neutral now with the perfect amount of rotation on the track.
    Sorry to high jack-forgot to say thanks!
  8. MaestroMaestro

    MaestroMaestro New Member

    I am wondering how BCs compare to ISC coilovers; obviously, very similar price points and similar degree of adjustability. I am new to this, so am just curious what the difference there may be.
  9. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

    Just curious at what sorting rates work well for autox ( running 215/45 with 17x8 with tune puts me in stx) and track days while still managing to be drivable on the street... Was thinking 6k/5k or 7/6, but unsure... (Will be replacing my lowering springs & shocks for bc's when the stock shocks are shot)

    Thoughts, ???

    Thx :)

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    MRFIESTA Guest

    hi guys.... bring back an old thread.... i have myself a 2015 st i have had about a month now and want to do the coil overs. i rang BC Australia to inquire about the spring rates and stuff like that and suggest that i stay with the std 4k/3k unless i know how i want the car setup and so forth.... its pretty much a daily/spirited hills driving and maybe even the drags on the odd occasion... i may take it circuit/auto cross if the mood strikes me but doubt i will.....
    so is the std spec a really good set up and i should be happy with it? as im not racing any circuit the 5k/4k wont be necessary?.....
    i just dont know which way to go here eheheh, thanks
  11. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Go with 5k/3k. You'll like it much better. I have had that setup since March this year and it is better than the stock springs and Koni Yellows in any type of driving from autocross to mountain roads to daily driving. The damping setting is adjustable enough to give you any kind of ride you like and you won't notice a harsher ride, just more......I don't know.....better.

    After I got mine I kept asking my buddies why didn't you tell me about coilovers?! They're great!!

    MRFIESTA Guest

    thanks for the reply Smokin... yea bc told me not to go any higher unless i know how i wanted my car set up they said the std set up is good and to start there but was told by another source that was setting these up on the fist that the 5k/3k seemed to soft and didnt really feel much different from the stock suspenion... hmmmm decisions decisions.... wish i knew someone over here with them fitted so i could see what the 5k/3k felt like.... i just wanna buy them once and not have to spend another 380 bucks on set of spings if i find them to soft....

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