Blonde bombshell demos 2014 Fiesta ST interior

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by Agent 67, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Agent 67

    Agent 67 New Member

    Ford asked me to create a "digital manual" showing off the interior features of the upcoming Fiesta ST U.S. model. So I snagged me a hottie and shot some stills and video.


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  3. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    Tanned, bleached, curled, and painted female. Lulz. FiST US = Yay!
  4. Agent 67

    Agent 67 New Member

    Actually she is 100% naturally tanned at the pool and is a hair stylist for a living (her hair isn't bleached), so simmer down on the hate ;)
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  5. CharlesWA

    CharlesWA New Member

    Incomplete review because you didn't test fit a zebra's head into the boot.
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  6. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    No hate. The word I used was "lulz" and it was intentional. Tanning is bad for you; ask any doctor. Bleached hair look is effectively the same as bleached to the plebeians like me. Doing your hair, if you're a hair stylist, makes sense. I'm not saying she's ugly or that I dislike her. I'm saying it's lulzy that her appearance is noteworthy. Reviews based on car, not reviewer's looks, are more better.
  7. Agent 67

    Agent 67 New Member

    Consuming sugar is bad for you too, ask any doctor. It doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed in moderation without harm :)

    PS, it isn't a review. From my original post, "Ford asked me to create a 'digital manual' showing off the interior features of the upcoming Fiesta ST U.S. model. So I snagged me a hottie and shot some stills and video.


  8. wash

    wash Active Member

    Well I think she just needs to tone down the eye makeup.

    But on to the car, its hard to tell much with blurry and washed out images and lots of random unnecessary camera movement. The music doesn't help.

    I was hoping to see how much the steering wheel adjusts, seat movement, headlights, windshield wipers, power button, cup holder capacity, etc.

    I guess I could get that with a standard Fiesta but I've only been looking at ST stuff.
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  9. Agent 67

    Agent 67 New Member

    I'll let her know that some random guy thinks she had too much eye make-up - thanks for the crucial feedback. The images aren't blurry or washed out - try turning the settings to 1080p. It's high-res and perfectly clear on every medium I have used. And again, this isn't a review and isn't meant to slowly cover every feature of the car - it is intended to give a quick preview of whatever *I* wanted to highlight. Every single thing you listed is boring, run of the mill stuff that obviously every car has.

    It's meant to be fun and entertaining, but apparently the concept is lost on some. Next time I will just use slow motion, no music, and make sure it is extra boring while I highlight mundane features like cupholders and windshield wipers.
  10. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    now that's funny .. I thought it was fine and tell her some other random guy thought she looked fine.... thanks for the effort
  11. wash

    wash Active Member

    OK Michael Bay.
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  12. Audrey

    Audrey Member

    How about a review about a car that is fun, but also practical and to the point? More time with car on car forum than superfluous crap.

    Cup holders and stuff are important because this will be a daily driver car for a lot of owners.
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