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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Gpfarrell, Jan 12, 2015.

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    My little blue friend is coming up on his first birthday and so far I'm handily impressed. I've got as many cars as I have fingers, so I really really didn't need another... but was smitten by the ST and thought a 2-year fling was in order.

    Now half way into it, I'd like it to continue! I'm 44 years old with 3 kids, an understanding wife, and a great profession. While the ST usually isn't my "take a client to lunch" car, it excels (accells?) at so many short errands and regular commutes that I'm thinking of keeping it when my lease is up.

    It's a fully loaded car that stickered at $26,xxx if I recall. The buy out on my contract at lease end is $17,xxx. According to Manheim, many '14s are already selling in the $17k range at auctions now. Hmmm.

    So... speculating that perhaps they'd be in the $15k range by January 2016, how likely is it I could buy my car back for less than the price on my contract? I've got a 10,500 mile/year lease and its only got 5300 on it now. Unless I enter the OneLapofAmerica (it's been years since I did that!) I think my car will only have 10-11k on it when the lease is up. I'd rather not mention to Ford how low the mileage is while I'm negotiating the buy out! (And I could theoritcally run it up to 21,000, so I don't think its unrealistic to base its value to Ford on that mileage).

    Any lease gurus here that can help?

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  3. razorlab

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    You entered into a contract that has a specific residual amount written.

    However you can negotiate a price with them, as selling it to you is easier then taking the car back and selling it themselves.

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