Call it destiny? Or how I got a Fiesta without Tue wait?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by ST_Rocky, Dec 1, 2013.

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    I am so blown away, and pleased to see that I (we all) made a fantastic choice getting this Fiesta ST. There really has not been one (official, genuine) bad review on it. That is amazing that such a broad spectrum of drivers, reviewers, and magazines love it! Cause typically, there is always someone biased towards one car or make, that will always have something negative to say. And especially since this is a <<<gasp>>> Ford. A domestic company, not always known for the "wow" factor, or quality.

    Equally amazing for me, is how I got mine! Unlike most of you, I knew nothing about the Fiesta ST. I only knew the Fiesta was a tiny, ecco car, basic cheap transportation that got good gas mileage, and had unimpressive looks, and tiny skinny tires. I did get a peak at the ST when I downloaded some pics on the Xbox for the Fiesta Movement, but that was it. I had a VW R32, if anything I was excited about the Focus ST finally available here at last.

    It started when a certain Ford dealer treated me like dirt when trying to trade for a Focus ST that had everything I wanted on it, an ST3. While waiting there for their typical sales games, they had a black Fiesta ST on the showroom floor. It looked good, and piqued my interest, but I wanted that Focus, and I wanted blue. Hours later, and no deal (they were total jerks!), I left quite depressed.

    So, I started thinking about the new Dodge Dart GT. Perhaps that was more affordable, and decent enough to drive, considering the type of cars I prefer, performance.I tried to find reviews of it on YouTube. There was barely anything about the GT. But, there seemed to be a ton about the all new Fiesta ST. Hmmm, interesting. The more I watched, the more I was impressed. But no one except for those jerks, had one, let alone in blue.

    Weeks later, I was about to leave for the Dodge dealer to buy the Dart GT. For the hell of it, I called a Ford dealer near them, as the online inventory said they had one blue Fiesta ST. They said no, it was not there.

    Still, on the way to Dodge, on a whim, I stopped by that Ford dealer, and low and behold - my new Fiesta ST had just come off the truck! The rest is history. Perhaps it was destiny? For now looking at the Focus ST, it no longer holds as much interest for me. And the Dodge Dart GT? I STILL haven't seen one yet, on the street, or looked at one on a lot. I absolutely love my tiny Fiesta ST! Love every minute I am driving it. Heck, I even love just staring at it parked.

    The killer of this all, is that unlike many of you, I did not know about this car months ahead. I did not preorder one, and had to anxiously wait day by day for a status update or a vin number. I did not spend months searching for one on a lot, and with the colors and options wanted. I did not have to drive miles away, or into another state to find one (where I got mine, was only 20 minutes away!). I did not know it would become so well liked, nor a hell of a performance (near sports) car. I just drove to a nearby dealer, there it was, love at first moment of the test drive, and hours later, it was mine. So it must have been destiny, for all the dominoes just fell into place, without my knowing, or planning.

    The longest I had to wait, and be without it, was when being repaired after some jerk broke into it to steal an older radar detector!
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  3. tubbyaz

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    You are so going to enjoy it, I'm tellin' ya. I just got my January Car and Driver, with the annual 10 Best cars feature. Sitting there next to the Porsche Caymen and C7, the FiST makes the list with mighty good company indeed.

    Pictures, we need pictures. And welcome to the forum.
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  4. Zormecteon

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    On the other end of the spectrum.

    Back in 2011 I saw the Mazda 2 at the Portland Auto Show, and fell for it. Right car, right size. In another area I they had the new Ford Fiesta. I did a double take and took some time for me to figure out that they were the same platform. I thought OK a Fiesta is it, being a Buy American kinda guy. But I wanted more. I was hoping that they would come out with a hotter version. An SVT Fiesta?! I had to wait for the my kids to finish college, which the last one did last May. And wouldn't you know it, that's about the time they announced that they would be making such a car. I wanted to order one, but I wanted a chance to drive one first, especially to have a chance to test out the Reccaro Seats. Waiting and waiting, they finally started arriving in the Pacific Northwest in late September. The dealer called when he got one, I test drove it and ordered one. I've been waiting nearly three years for them to decide to make the car, to engineer it, to get them to market and for them to build MINE. They were scheduled to build it last week. . From all the reports they're everything that I had ever hoped for and more. Hoping to have it by Christmas....... .. ..
  5. takuarc

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    For me I got bored and started browsing YouTube for car videos. Came across this little car. Can't remember which channel but they did an excellent review. Didn't really tickle my fancy then but YouTube suggestions kept throwing the little pocket rocket's reviews at me. The more videos I watched the more I wanted one.
    But it was not listed on the Ford website so I made some calls to the different dealers and voila I got one within 3 days. And it's the performance blue that I wanted.

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    No doubt it's a fun little car. I had wanted one ever since I first heard about it 3 years ago or more. About two years ago I needed a car mostly for winter and "settled" for a 2012 Fiesta SE. Yeah I coulda lived with a used beater car in the mean time but wanted something nicer that was reliable and got great gas mileage. Being the tinkerer that I am I added an INJEN CAI, Flowmaster catback and Bojix splitter. Pulled off all that stuff when I traded the car in and took a bath with what they gave me but I love the new ST. This morning I mounted my snow tires with the Motegi wheels and it may be my imagination but I swear the steering feels lighter with 7 pounds less on each corner.

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