Chrome vinyl wrapped 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by eRic, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I was able to get mine for $200 over invoice, but they wouldn't budge on dealer or doc fees. This was with a retail order back in June so I imagine there's a bit more leeway now.
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  3. While it was a much more expensive car, in 2003 I bought a Mustang Cobra with X-Plan for $32,750 I believe. It's a decade or so ago, so the numbers might not be spot on. MSRP was $33,XXX I think? No matter X-Plan price was lower than MSRP of course. At the time it was a good deal as most were paying more than MSRP due to high demand. My neighbor who worked for a smaller auto lender told me to wait as he assured me prices would fall after the hype. But I didn't listen. Sure enough a number of months later dealers were blowing them out for $28,500 for the coupe. Over $2000 under invoice. Since there were no options except a convertible, it was an across the board price for the coupe. One dealer in Ohio I think had like 8 coupes for that price. Just pick your color and leave paying $28,500 plus tax tags etc. There is NO possible way they lost money on those cars. So you can see how much profit is built in. I would say the dealer who is telling you they only make $500 off these cars is not being forthcoming. Just look at some of the deals people were recently getting for 2013 Focus ST's. Well under invoice. Like by thousands of dollars.

    So I understand the dealers wanting to maximize profits, but they still make money selling under invoice. When there's demand, they probably won't budge. Have them sitting on the lots and the tide turns. That's why I posted in another thread about factory ordering. It's a deal they would NEVER make off their lot. Can't see why they won't go lower for a deal they would never get otherwise.
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    Well duh. Of course Ford discounts out-of date 2013s to their dealers, the 2014s are in.
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    True my dealer has a 14 FoST sitting on the lot with NO extra discounts at this time. Other than whatever the current rebates or other offers are. Not like I saw a loaded ST3 this fall for less than a loaded FiST But I looked it up (the FoST) and the it had been sitting since Late Fall of 2012.... They had to move it or start paying rent on it is my guess..
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    Nice wrap job but I find it a bit nauseating. Makes the wheels look really drab. I wonder how durable the vinyl wrap is? I see the "M" plate. What's the plan for this artwork?
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    Granted I'm in Edmonton, but the vinyl wrap company I received my quote from stated that the wrap would last 3 years of daily driving. This city uses large volumes of sand and rock chips to treat ice, so as everything, your mileage may vary.
  8. That's very true. Probably a bad example. Just shows how low they can go though. And even right now you can get a 2014 Focus ST "under invoice". In fact you can get one right around or lower than a Fiesta ST. Base car that is. Cars are sold under invoice all of the time. It's not some magic number that can't be reached. The Fiesta ST is too new right now for that, and too few out there. But soon enough the same will happen with them. And again the $500 markup for this car just seems way too low. There's more profit built in than that.
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    You definitely haven't tried the 3m vinyl. They come off clean as though nothing was ever done to the car. I would rather plastidip these days though.

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    I really like this chrome vinyl on the Fiesta ST but the rims should be black not silver.
    Another great color for the Fiesta is olive-green!
    Have you seen Lorenzo Berellis M-Sport Fiesta R5?

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  11. In my opinion, vinyl wrap is much more practical and gives awesome look to your car. My vinyl wrap project was installed by Gatorwraps and I am very satisfied! You might want to visit tho, you can request for a quote plus they have a lot of vinyl wraps with lots of colors to choose from. Professionals there will be able to address all your concerns plus you can request for a quote. They have branches and installers located in just about every large city.

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