COBB Accesstuner/Accessport Updates - VE Tuning, New Tables/Monitors, Map updates!!

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    Here at COBB we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and in turn help you guys make more power and improve the way your cars drive. Earlier this week we pushed out an update to Accesstuner and Accessport firmware that includes some exciting updates as well as a couple of minor maintenance items.

    Volumetric Efficiency (VE) Tuning
    As Focus ST and Fiesta ST tuning exceed typical bolt-on hardware into aftermarket turbos and camshafts, the factory VE calibration becomes inaccurate. The mysteries of VE tuning and how to interpret the vast amounts of "Speed Density" tables have been simplified in the March release. New data monitors have been added to help tuners review the system changes and perfect their tunes. Additionally, the COBB Ford engineers have developed a VE worksheet (here) to guide users through the refinement process.


    Related Monitors:
    Estimated VE (Model)
    Estimated VE (Model) Corrected
    Estimated VE (Actual)
    Estimated VE (Actual) Corrected
    Estimated VE (Actual BT)
    Estimated VE (Actual BT) Corrected
    HDFX Weight Table 01 - Table 15
    HDFX Weight Table OP
    VE Correction Ratio​

    Advanced Wastegate Control for Fiesta ST
    Additional discovery work shows the vast complexity of boost control through an advanced wastegate PID Controller. A comprehensive table and monitor list update allows tuners to fine tune the entire wastegate control system.

    Related Tables:
    PID D-Term (Max)
    PID D-Term Freeze (Max)
    PID D-Term Gain
    PID I-Term Gain
    PID I-Term Gain Comp.
    PID P-Term Gain (Coarse)
    PID P-Term Gain (Fine)
    PID P-Term Gain (Coarse) Comp.
    PID P-Term Gain (Fine) Comp.​

    Related Monitors:
    WGDC P-Term
    WGDC I-Term
    WGDC D-Term
    WGDC P-Term Gain (Coarse)
    WGDC P-Term Gain (Fine)
    WGDC I-Term Gain
    WGDC D-Term Gain
    WGDC PID Combined
    WGDC D-Term Freeze Status​

    OTS Map Updates
    v101 Fiesta ST maps updates:

    Estimated VE and Advanced Wastegate Control Monitors.
    Improved Launch Control Logic.
    Increased torque limits to prevent rare limp mode conditions.
    Optimized power demand fuel settings for better overall efficiency.
    Optimized ignition timing strategy for more consistent results.
    Adjusted wastegate tables to prevent rare cases of overboosting.

    v202 Focus ST map updates:
    Estimated VE Monitors
    Stage1 87 Octane map support
    Aftermarket Bypass Valve Support

    Focus ST1 - Clock / Date Fix
    Fixed bugs associated with Reset ECU to address ST1 clock and date setting issues. Any user encountering the clock / date settings bug can simply run "Reset ECU" from the Accessport to reset the control panel.

    Additional Table and Monitor Updates
    More useful tables and monitors!

    Added Tables:
    Lowside FP Duty Cycle (Min)
    Lowside FP Duty Cycle (Max)
    Lowside FP Voltage (Min)
    Lowside FP Voltage (Feed Foward)
    LSPI Load Limit Blend Modifier (OAR)
    LSPI Load Limit Blend Modifier (PI)
    Knock Advance Amount (Fast)
    Knock Advance Amount (Normal)
    Knock Advance Rate (Fast)
    Knock Advance Rate (Normal)
    Knock Rate Change (Max)
    VCT Exhaust Retard Limit
    VCT Exhaust Retard Max. (Oil Temp)
    VCT Exhaust Retard Max. (Warmup)
    VCT Intake Advance Limit
    VCT Intake Advance Max. (Oil Temp)
    VCT Intake Advance Max (Warmup)​

    Added Monitors:
    Ignition Timing Corr. Max
    Knock Count Cyl1 - Cyl4
    Knock PI Detection Rate
    Lowside FP Input Voltage​

    Do you have an idea or a suggestion that could make more power or enhance the driving experience? Chances are we can make it happen! Submit your ideas and suggestions to and we’ll do our best to incorporate them in future updates.


    The COBB Ford Expert Group
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    Nice ..
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    Very good!:)
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    I drove on the v101 93 map for a little over a week then on saturday switched to v101 91 map...and my conclusion is 91pulls harder on all gears from low to mid rpm and 93 pulls harder mid to high rpm range. 1st gear with 91 for some reason is beast. Feels like the engine wants to break out of the engine bay now when floored. Also 4th,5th and 6th pulls effortlessly from low rpm unlike 93. This car isnt a high hp car so power at high rpm doeant matter since I usually dont go past 4-5k rpm. Once again my preffered map is 91.

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    Ive been running the 93 Octane tune since I got my accessport. Im going to try the 91 this weekend and see what happens :thumbsup:

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