Cobb AP 21psi?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST EcoBoost™ Tuning' started by kryuenger, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Mr UFO

    Mr UFO Active Member

    Today I was only seeing 19.5 on cobb stage 2. I was on the 91 map running 92 octane.
    Mods are mountune intake and FMIC.
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  3. Soldjeepforst

    Soldjeepforst Member

    Yeah unfortunately i'm stuck with 91 octane until my flex fuel modular is fitted but getting some decent boost numbers meanwhile.

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  4. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Yeah as of late with the Mountune version of the Cobb AP (the MP215), I'm getting 22.80-23.00. No other mods. I haven't seen anything over 23 in while.
  5. LizzardMax

    LizzardMax New Member

    A bit late here. Im in Georgia, 85f out, charge temps in the 95 - 100 range. Cobb stage 1 93 octane I see 22psi, when it is cooler at night 70+ ish 23psi.

    Today when it was 85 I saw 25.80psi on Mountune 93 OTS (no revisions yet). I regularly see 25+ on that tune. It is designed for no FMIC upgrade I believe, but I am not running it daily, until I get a different FMIC even then will probably be on occasion only.

    I will try to get a revision that is a bit dialed back when I get into the tuning.
  6. Turboduck01

    Turboduck01 Member

    18.3 psi in 104*F ambient.....
  7. LizzardMax

    LizzardMax New Member

    Wow surprised to see how much heat can play into it. Do you get better numbers when the temps are in the 70's. Any potential for boost leak?
  8. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    What are your charge air temps?
  9. LizzardMax

    LizzardMax New Member

    when 85 out they were 95 -100 -105, just installed cobb FMIC now much closer to ambient.
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  10. MAPerformance

    MAPerformance New Member

    I know this is a little old but it sounds like your WG Canister Pressure (FF) table needs some adjusting up in the area that you are having these issues. You should datalog your ETC angle and see if it fluctuates when you have these surging issues. It might sound like the BPV but it is actually the throttle closing due to load/tip error's.

  11. Soldjeepforst

    Soldjeepforst Member

    Yeah this is old i have fixed this issue with an actual blow off valve. Works great now.

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  12. Izzy

    Izzy Member

    My Cobb stage 3 OTS sees up to 23.8 regularly.
  13. Turboduck01

    Turboduck01 Member

    I got 19.5 at 72degrees around 530am earlier this week. I only have the accessport. My charge air temps are always within a degree or two of intake air temp.
  14. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    74 F in MN here. Charge temps low-mid 80s and boost is 19 psi max. Car just has Green Cobb Stage 1 supplied drop in filter. I have flashed both Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS 93 Oct maps and have never seen boost over 19 psi. Car has 93 octane from BP down the road. Any ideas on why I wouldnt be seeing around 21 psi based on the ambient and charge temps anyone?
  15. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    I use to get that when I used cobbs OTS also. Do yourself a favor and get an etune from a credible tuner on these forums you wont be disappointed. Cobbs ots maps are very mild.
  16. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    I plan on going with Dead Hook Motorsports for my E-tune and doing a 91, 93 and E30 or higher tune on mostly stock. Then a big turbo upgrade later. So your experience is that Cobb's OTS maps are losing out on about 2-3 psi on peak boost? That sounds like a good amount of power loss and if true than its pretty disappointing! :(

    Monitoring Actual AFR I am seeing numbers like 14.443. I thought the AFR target was supposed to be 13 something. Someone from Ford was talking about how it was a very aggressive AFR from the factory... so it's been backed off in a high performance tune?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
  17. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    When I ran cobbs 93 ots i barely went passed 20psi and it depended on temperature I noticed. On cool mornings or cold days I would see the highest. Heat soke maybe I dunno. Also check your boost clamps, you may have small leaks.

    As far as AFR I get 14.4 on idle also. I think that's normal on our cars.
  18. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    I went out later in the evening and hit 20.8 psi peak boost on the Stage 2 ots 93 map. I think the charge temps where like 76-80 F. As for AFR, just noticed that the AP gauge has the min/max on it and it's hit AFR which is pretty decent for WOT AFR actually, didn't see that before, I think you're right about 14.4 being a good idle AFR, no sense in it being leaned out for idle I suppose. What the heck is a boost clamp lol.
  19. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    Your hose worm clamps from turbo to intercooler get loose after hard driving. Tighten them up every few hundred or thousand miles.
  20. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    Ohh... thought you meant like blinker fluid. lol. So you tighten these clamps 3 times between an oil change? I change my oil about every 3000 miles.
  21. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    What tune are you running and mods? I looked at the pic you posted and all the numbers look great. Do you have a dyno plot of your car on that tune you could share as well?

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