COBB Fiesta ST Intercooler Video Install Guide now Online

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    Check it out - the FMIC on the Fiesta is CAKE. The COBB FMIC and most of the direct bolt on FMIC's will connect right to your OEM factory chargepipes.

    PROTIP: GET A LOT OF FLEX EXTENSIONS FOR YOUR RATCHET OR PREFERRABLY, A FLEXIBLE BIT DRIVER (screwdriver thing with flexible shaft with a 1/4in socket receiver on the end) - these will save about an HOUR of time removing the 3x 8mm bolts securing the bumper to the fender.


    + Bonus!

    A few more Pro-Tips from CanadianGuy:
    1- Use anti-seize on all bolts and non plastic screws when re-installing. Especially if you plan to undo the work later to return to stock
    2- Use some tacky grease in the sockets to "hold" the bolts when in tricky spots or place a powerful magnet on your socket
    3- Place similar screws and bolts in small containers to not mix them up.
    4- While you are there take a minute to check all hose clamps and maybe a little quick clean
    5- Place a sock or panty hose on the end of your Mountune air hose.... :) A little extra filter won't hurt
    6- For a little less swearing take the tires off. The 5 minutes saves you aggravation when working in the wheel well.
    (*note - I just turned the wheels left or right as needed)
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