Complete front and rear red ST brakes, calipers, pads, lines, rotors dual drilled, 293 miles only!

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Parts for Sale' started by raamaudio, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Front and rear Wilwood BBKs are here and the stock parts need new homes.

    293 miles on everything, most delivery from dealer to me on a highway, never abused, etc...

    Front and rear rotors, drilled to fit 4x100, get a deal and get your hubs done then get a ton of wheel choices, low weight, well made and cheap! Or use with your 4x018 pattern just fine and save a little more weight due to the drilling. $199 for all four rotors, OBO.

    Rear stock ST brake pads, $39 shipped, OBO

    All four stock brake lines, $29 shipped, OBO

    Red Calipes, all four, SOLD
    Front pads, SOLD

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  3. sourskittle

    sourskittle Member

    Come on Rick... No one wants the stock pads... Sell them to me for really cheap, lol.

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  4. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    At this point I have to keep them together buddy, worth more that way, sorry:(

    I need what I can get as did not have a rear BBK in the budget but bought one today that cost more than my front kit!

    If you run your car hard as in places that use up brakes, track it, etc....the Wilwood BBK is the way to go as so many pads available.
  5. sourskittle

    sourskittle Member

    I understand :D

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  6. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    I have someone interested in the calipers, if somebody wants the rotors as well then I will spit up the parts....:)
  7. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    I might be interested in the rotors.
  8. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    I was going to cancel but now have the rear BBK on the way as they believe they will fit inside my 15" wheels but I have serious doubts so if they do not fit they will send a label to have them shipped back, I hope they do fit!

    If the Wilwood rear BBK fits I get to run the same rotors front to rear and there are some very very low cost race proven rotors available and I should save a little weight over stock.


    IF THEY FIT, I will be able to sell the whole set.

    I have somebody that really wants the calipers but only if all four.

    Sourskittle wants the pads.

    timeboslice, If you take the rotors, then I only have the lines left:)

    I will know if I am selling the rears shortly but may be just the rotors and keep the rear calipers.


    I have found a way to make a rear larger two piece rotor, stock caliper but unfortunately not a vented rotor but it that is what works it is what it is, I have forwarded the info to a vendor so he can look it over and see if he wants to offer it. I have to design the caliper relocation mounts, not a difficult job on this application and since buying parts separately the cost gets a bit steep for me but if he can do this as a GB it could be quite reasonable.

    The good thing about the two piece setup is it can be done in 4x100 and 4x108 easily with off the shelf parts except the mounts but once designed not that much to have the made and I will send him the design if he wants to pursue it.

    One more good thing, I already know the 11.75 rotor fits even my 15's, the 12.0 would require a minor trim of the parking brake actuator, the 11.4 is a fair amount lighter and the end result would be close to stock weight, a bit more with the 11.75 and not a great deal more with 12's but I would rather have smaller or same size rear rotors.


    If you want to make an offer then what I am considering, to save you some good money and help cover some of my upgrade cost.

    1) Full setup, all calipers, pads, rotors, lines....

    2) Just the calipers, I will include the lines if you want them.

    3) Just the pads, front and rear.

    4) Just the rotors, fronts only, or fronts and rears (they will be a bit of a premium as already drilled for 4x100 and somebody will need them eventually so not selling as if stock, not for now at least but far less money that buying new ones and having them drilled!)

    Have a great day:)
  9. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    So the rotors are drilled for 4x100?
  10. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Yes and stock 4x108, all you need is drilled hubs and you have a whole new world of wheels to pick from, why I did this mod.

    15x9, roll formed, 13lbs, $134 each! (this takes some effort as in pull and roll fenders, etc...) but killer deal on great track wheels and there are others available as well, at least 3 more in 15x9 and many in 15x8, some in 16x8, far more in 17's
  11. sourskittle

    sourskittle Member

    Just lmk on what you need for the parts if it comes down to splitting them up :)

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  12. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    Yeah, I'm not super gung-ho on the rotors. It was more a "if the price is right" sort of proposition. I'm planning on doing a wheel and brake upgrade next summer. I think I'll wait to buy the full BBK. I'll probably end up doing the hub mod too so I can run some 4x100s :cool:.
  13. was-an-M

    was-an-M Member

    If you'll sell just the front calipers, I'll take them. Need 'em quick :)
  14. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    UPDATED: See first post for full info.
    All four rotors available
    Rear stock pads as well
    All four lines available

    All four red calipers are sold
    Front pads on Hold
  15. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Labor day, payday, come and get it sale, make offers:)

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