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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by pleaseyesplease, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Just one say the focus has horrible blind spots? I have a '14 Focus SE and have no problem with blind spots. In fact just this morning driving to work (at -10 deg F) I made special note of the good vision of all the crazy's around me. My only complaint is the driver's side wide angle mirror. It is a distraction. I catch myself looking twice, which takes my eyes off the road too long...

    If you've driven the subcompacts like the M-2 it may feel big. I have a GTI and the Focus feels more substantial than the GTI but is fun to drive. The ST comes in any day now and then i have to give the Focus back to my wife....
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  3. Max Archer

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    Funny how many of us are Mazda2 converts, I guess it makes sense though.

    The ST really does feel like an upmarket 2 on steroids. I loved my 2, but got bored of how barebones it was and was sick of being so far down on power. Out-lapping noobs in S2Ks and Evos and M3s is entertaining a few times, but being in the bottom 20 at a trackday still gets old and it's frustrating always being stuck behind people in the corners and then having them pull away on the straights.

    The only downsides are that the back seats are definitely down on legroom, and I liked the 2's styling a bit better than the Fiesta's. Still, very happy with the move.
  4. silvertoy

    silvertoy Member

    Traded my Focus ST2 for the Fiesta ST as well. The more urban driving you do, the more you'll appreciate the Fiesta. The Focus definitely outshines the Fiesta on the highway at higher speeds, but only in ride comfort. The mass and "boatyness" help it out there, vs. the fiestas bouncy (but not harsh, IMO) ride. Haven't found myself missing the Focus' additional power except on the highway when passing or climbing grades, it's not that the fiesta is ever lacking in power, just that you have to down-shift with the Fiesta where the Focus could make due in higher gears due to the extra torque and hp at lower RPMs. But hey, I'm also getting about 5mpg better so far on average than I ever got with my Focus, so there's that.
  5. pleaseyesplease

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    I'm still very eager to drive an ST, to say the least, but I'm not having luck finding any at local dealerships, nor do there seem to be any en route except for the occasional customer order. If there is a FiST owner in the Portland, OR area who would be willing to let me check out the car, please PM me, or post a reply here. Thanks!

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