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  1. timboslice

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    This. I'm pretty sick of seeing threads on this topic.

    Although Cobb has been a little cryptic about whether the dealership can tell if you flashed your ECU, the OP has confirmed it is absolutely possible that a dealership can detect it with a standard service tool.

    Common sense will always dictate "mod at your own risk".

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  3. Deanh

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    I work at a Ford dealership, and can confirm without a doubt, if something breaks and the "black Box" has documented overboost or any other parameters out of factory specs ( barring Ford endorsed flashes etc by someone such as Mountune ) that can be construed as aftermarket and POSSIBLY responsible for the issue, your chances of a warrantied fix are relatively remote.
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  4. captainmorbid

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    If they detect a foreign tune, they may deny warranty coverage, they will still repair whatever issue, as long as it's an oem approved part, the repair will be out of our pocket instead of Ford's. Same situation as post warranty period repairs.

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  5. LizzardMax

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    I think what many are missing here is that warranty work done by a dealership is not pro bono, the dealership gets PAID by ford to repair cars under warranty. In fact dealerships make most of their money through their service department not on the sales floor and a good deal of that is warranty work. A dealership wants to build rapport with you and wants you to come back and buy more cars and get more service done there, it is literally their job to make you a happy customer and want to come back to them and not the better dealer down the street.

    Find a good dealership through your local ST club or family/friends and take it in. If they can make money on the warranty repair and ford is not asking for ECU data they will most likely do it. Buuuuuut that's the caveat its not really the dealership denying the warranty work it is Ford who asked for detailed ECU data who is saying no go.
  6. Chuckable

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    A dealer with whom you have a good relationship will likely do what they can to help you out if your tune is the cause of a part failure. But if they submit a non-warrantable claim to Ford and it's denied, then the dealer is paying the tab. Your first point of contact is the service advisor, who speaks to the tech to get feedback, who then probably speaks to the shop foreman. If they all think it's non-warrantable, then you can ask to talk to the service director who will make the final decision.

    Bottom line like others have said, though, if you're going to modify then you're risking not having warranty coverage, which is different than your warranty being voided.

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