Deepest lowest sounding exhaust?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by Tom Brooks, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    Im looking for an exhaust that sounds less like a high school Honda fart can or ricer and more like a professional V8 high dollar sound. Like a porsche or deep low end V8. The lower the better. Similar to stock and possibly even lower. Is there an exhaust out there that can accomplish this? Anyone have a comparison and info?

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  3. OxWhiteFiST92

    OxWhiteFiST92 Member

    FSWerks sounds pretty nice man check out the other thread on it
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  4. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    yeah... it looks like a good price too. I would say of all the ones I have heard so far it has about the best bang for the buck and a decent average mid sound. Not to high and tinny but not as low of a grunt that I would like. About the best sound I have heard so far is probably the scorpion exhaust but I'm guessing it is also one of the most expensive exhausts as well.
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  5. wash

    wash Active Member

    Trying to get V8 sound out of a 1.6 liter I4 is a poor strategy for designing an exhaust.

    Its like trying to make Kate Moss look good in Kate Upton's bikini.

    The new sound of 4 cylinder performance is the Alfa Romeo 4c. If you can find an exhaust with a similar tone, its going to sound good and grow on you over time.
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  6. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    here are some links I got together for a comparison...

    Piper cat back

    Rally Sport Exhaust by MRT

    Scorpion ST180 fitted with 2.5" Scorpion Catback exhaust

    Milltek Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust Ford Fiesta ST 180

    Fiesta ST180 Mk7 Performance Exhaust by Cobra Sport

  7. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    Supersprint full exhaust for Ford Fiesta ST 2013 mk7

    Mountune CAIS and Cat back Exhaust for Fiesta ST

    FSWERKS Ford Fiesta ST Sport Exhaust
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  8. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    Seems like to me the richest deep sounding exhaust is probably a tie between the Milltek Non Resonated Cat Back and the Piper cat back. I do really like the Supersprint full exhaust as well though.
  9. wash

    wash Active Member

    The Piper and Montune are from the previous generation Fiesta ST, no turbo on those cars.

    The Super sprint does sound nice in the video, I will have to investigate.
  10. wash

    wash Active Member

    Well forget that, their prices are ludicrous and the tubing is small.

    I could get a muffler and enough 321 pipes and mandrel bends from Burns Stainless to make an entire 3" exhaust for the price of their no cat down pipe.
  11. Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks Member

    yeah... I noticed that as well. So which do you think gives the deepest rumble so far thats available?
  12. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Scorpion 3 inch cat back exhaust system:
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  13. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Price wise, you would be correct. It's not cheap (nothing is if it is imported) but I absolutely love the sound and performance (when my car is running right). :rage: (everyone needs to check their IC pipe/hose clamps as mine were all loose, and one exhibiting major boost leak)
  14. Shotamidget

    Shotamidget New Member

    I'm lucky enough to live in a State where emissions aren't a factor.. Alaska is heaven :D.. I am running a custom 4" o2 tapering into a 3" strait pipe... I get nothing but compliments on it, and the drone is ungodly... But boy oh boy do I love the backfires.. MMmmmMMMM!!!
  15. Shotamidget

    Shotamidget New Member

    Sorry for double post.. I have a COBB v3 tuned by Underground racing up here in Anchorage to compensate for the extra flow on the exhaust.. so before the panty police come marching in one by one, it's been tuned.. We have 90oct up here tho so a little more tweaking had to be done.
  16. Patrick26

    Patrick26 New Member

  17. Mikeygti

    Mikeygti Active Member

    More than a bit loud for my taste. I think you would get arrested here in B.C. Lol
  18. Patrick26

    Patrick26 New Member

    Lol yeah it's not my car but it's a buddy's cost $250 cut the stock exhaust out. He hasn't had a problem but cops here in FL are pretty lax

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  19. mysticfac3

    mysticfac3 Member

    really love the superprint but the price is way too high
    and it is for euro fiesta so it has to be a little short at the tips
  20. rweidman

    rweidman New Member

    I vote for the 3" Scorpion. It is on my list.
  21. badmoonkid24

    badmoonkid24 Member

    Injen technology is building intake and exhaust for the Fiesta ST my car will be completed tomorrow anybody wants the group buy in contact me will get a great deal on engine exhaust and intake uploadfromtaptalk1392314936284.jpg

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