Dmondi's Fiesta ST progress/picture thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by dmondi12, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    Decided to make my own thread mostly so i can track the progress of my Fiesta ST as i begin buying parts etc.

    First order of business will be a new set of wheels for springtime, which i am hopefully sorting out in the next few days. I'll probably be going 17x7 and keep the stock tires. I dont track it often, might go to the strip once or twice and i also might dip my feet in autox sometime in the coming months after the ST Octane academy, which i plan to sign up for soon. Therefore i think the OEM Potenzas will more than suffice for daily use once the cold weather goes away. Until then, she sits on steelies:

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  3. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    Second "mod" after snow tires: ST winter mats these are lifesavers. (Or floorsavers i guess)

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  4. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    Debadged "Fiesta" emblem and relocated the rear "ST" emblem to the rear passenger side like the Euro versions and the Focus STs. It's a small nod to its Euro heritage but i also like the way the lines of the ST flow with the lines on the hatch.


    Don't mind all the dirt, the dealership i got my first oil change at was under construction right next to the wash bay so the complimentary wash was virtually pointless.
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  5. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Look great. How did you remove the Fiesta logo? What did you use to reapply the ST logo.
  6. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    I just bought another emblem (Amazon I think). To take it off use a hair dryer to loosen the logo, use floss to "cut" between the logo tape and the car, and then rub off any remaining tape with goo gone and a rag.

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  7. LuvfiestaST

    LuvfiestaST Active Member

    Can't reuse the ST logo ?
  8. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    I'm sure you can but you'd need to properly trim some new adhesive and I just felt better about getting a new logo without having to worry about botching the application

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  9. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    placed an order a couple weeks ago for some TD Pro Race 1.2s in Anthracite, 17x7.5 et40, should hopefully be here by April!

    Also just ordered a Perrin super shorty antenna (had one on my Mini) and a DMB gel badge for my steering wheel. Contemplating getting some overlays from DMB for the Pro Race center caps.
  10. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Yeah... ST badge on the right. Just as it should be... :cool:

    I look forward to seeing what your new wheels look like on the car, Dom!
  11. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    Thanks Dan! Likewise :p

    I find it funny that even those this is a Ford i find myself still gravitating towards the Euro look and styling. For example i just installed some chrome bulb turn signals to get rid of the amber in the front and rear turn signals (pics to come tonight). I'm also planning to order the Euro projectors, mostly for the projector lenses themselves but also because they don't have that amber piece in the headlight.
  12. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    I'd offer you my headlights, but I kinda need them... ;)

    Yes, it's a Ford, but it is a European one, so I think it's good that you want to make it look like the Euro version. I just wish said projectors came standard with HID bulbs, as the FocuST does...
  13. dmondi12

    dmondi12 Active Member

    You and me both. I have seen several different instances where HIDs fit and function flawlessly (without glare, clean cutoff line) in OEM halogen-built projectors so hopefully that will be the case with these. Only one way to find out i guess

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