Does anyone have advice on how to track down some Recaro seats?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Interior Upgrades' started by MikeCottoneMusic, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. MikeCottoneMusic

    MikeCottoneMusic New Member

    HELP! Having a hard time finding some replacements for my cloth seats. I hear the airbag game is a HUGE headache if you grab SPARCO seats or a non-airbag seat.
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  3. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    There were some being parted out on
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  4. MrEss

    MrEss Member

    Sell your Fiesta. Take Uber to dealership that has Recaro optioned Fist. Buy that car. No wrenches will be required to do this seat upgrade. This process has proven 100% successful.
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  5. MikeCottoneMusic

    MikeCottoneMusic New Member

    LOL. Amen. Just learned that lesson trying to find some.
  6. MrEss

    MrEss Member

    Things like Recaro seats, a factory sunroof, navigation and paint color are completely impossible to get changed out. These are build choice intersections that were decided, and are pivotal configuration points in the creation of the car. Sure you can repaint a red Fiesta in Green envy tri coat, but you will have ruined the cars originality and proven to the world that you have no sense of economic reasoning. Not unlike the decision to marry a beautiful and sweet tampered woman instead of selecting an ugly and mean one, with the hope of making her over later! I just wish people who don't have what they wanted would just look in the mirror and talk to that guy, instead of posting questions about major alterations.
  7. arcyallen

    arcyallen Member

    I often times think "no sense of economic reasoning" is a requirement for half the people on any car forum :) I feel like the only time I fall into this category is when I get sucked into ideas about my car. Stereos, superchargers, small econobox-but-turbocharged cars...

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