Double-Adjustable Koni's

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by CrookedRacer, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    I just updated my build thread on GRM. But I thought I'd start a thread here for questions and comments related directly to the Konis on the Fiesta.

    So far, they're ok, but I'm not a good enough driver to detect a difference. Also, everyone around me keeps getting better too, which is great, but it's always difficult to tell what difference the shocks are making when so many factors are involved, the biggest of which is my own driving.

    Tomorrow I'll have a test n tune (about 40 runs with time in between for adjustments), and then a fun 70's themed night autocross. Maybe I'll have a better idea for how more rebound makes the car feel.
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  3. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    What kind of noise are the rears making?

    My rears on my bilsteins seem to like to make noise after I drive the car with more, uhm.... lateral movement. ;) Then if I drive it straight for awhile the noise goes away.

    However, the noise I am getting sounds almost 100% like the actual springs shifting around or unsettling and not actual dampener sounds.
  4. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    They're not making any noise anymore. They're great now. The build page shows what I did with a couple pieces of masonite which provide the necessary space between the nut at the top of the damper rod and the body.

    Thankfully I haven't heard any knocking around over time either. I must have gotten it right.

    In many cases, Lok-Tite can be your friend.
  5. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    Yea mine aren't making the knocking noises associated with loose stuff. ;) just the spring sounds.

    I was just curious what sound yours was making.
  6. McRib 1s Back

    McRib 1s Back Well-Known Member

    Hey CrookedRacer, I read your GRM thread -- wow, that's some dedication! I'm impressed and hope you're happy with the results! :)

    It's funny, really. I *hate* squeaks and rattles on a street car, but don't mind at all on my track car! I agree that it's nice to know the difference between a good or bad sound.

    (from your GRM thread) I had simmilar Koni shocks on my old Audi A4 and recall that they made noises under compression, but it was a "good sound" (I always like fluid compression sounds but hate spring rattles!). I wonder why you don't hear it evenly from both sides. No visible signs of leaking?

    Having to move the brake fluid reservoir to adjust the shock is a pain, but I ended up doing that very thing at the track. I think my shocks are dialed in for now...

    Passenger side is cake, but even with a hole cut out on the driver side, it's still tough to work on around reservoir. I'm going to do something about that...
  7. CrookedRacer

    CrookedRacer Active Member

    Thanks! The reason it was louder on one side is that for a while, one side had the seatbelt webbing, while the other still had the shower pan liner that had been stamped like a hole punch by the locknut and the body. It was centering it so it wouldn't squeak, but it was imparting the squishy sound of the fluid directly to the body.

    Once I had them both spaced away from the body in the same way, they sound about the same.

    I'd like to see pics of your install. Are they singles?
  8. McRib 1s Back

    McRib 1s Back Well-Known Member

    Yep, sure thing. Yes, single adjustable. I'll PM you so as not to take over your thread.

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