Engine malfunction?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by avcdude, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. avcdude

    avcdude New Member

    For the last week or so I've been having a bit of a problem with my ST with 4000 miles.

    The three symptoms are:

    1. When driving on side road (25-35 mph) I have the feeling that when stepping off the gas pedal the car glides for sometime. No deceleration

    2. When revving at idle the rpm don't seem to come down as fast and as regularly as they used to. There is a pronounced pause around 2000 rpm.

    3. I seem to have more turbo lag that I can remember.

    Could a loose fitting in the intake be the cause?
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  3. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    I have experienced #2. A pause at 2000 rpm. I just assumed it was to keep rpms up for a smoother shift?
  4. FordService

    FordService Official Ford Representative

    Hi guys,

    I'll be happy to loop in your customer service managers to look into some options, if you'd like. Shoot me a private message with your VIN, mileage, best daytime phone number, full name, and dealer name/location if you want to take me up on this. :)

  5. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    Wait... Do I have an issue? I haven't brought my car to the dealer yet. Should I be taking it for that?
  6. Monochrome

    Monochrome Member

    Bet you a taco the issue is causes by lose hose clamps.
  7. FordService

    FordService Official Ford Representative

    I'm not a technician, so I am unable to diagnose concerns or determine if someone has one. Since you guys brought up something you were wondering about, I wanted to make sure you all knew how to contact me if you did decide something needed inspection by your dealer. Just covering my bases. :)

    Also, Happy Mardi Gras!

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  8. avcdude

    avcdude New Member

    I'll post the outcome soon. I might owe you a taco...
  9. Monochrome

    Monochrome Member

    I like the crunchy tacos from Taco Bell. :)
  10. Drifter

    Drifter Member

    You beat me too it.
  11. Papi4baby

    Papi4baby Member

    NVM. Wrong thread.

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