Exhaust all tack welded up, DP nearly done, IC almost finished......

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by raamaudio, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. raamaudio

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    Pics fixed:)

    Exhaust is all tacked together, one 10 degree bend out of the DP to the resonator, one 75 degree bend at the end of the center section, one 90 degree bend back, up and aiming at the muffler center, one 45 degree bend over the axle and one 15 degree bend to align with the muffler, strait out the back.

    I thought I could get by with two 75 or 80s instead of the 90s most seem to have but sing the 90 where I did I was able to get lined up and limit the bends to and out of the muffler quite a bit so it saved quite a few degrees in bends.


    I have a Vband I was going to use to attach the muffler to make it a quick disconnect so I could run a strait pipe out the back or a short dump pipe, either way to make it louder so I can hear it at speed with a helmet on. I got tired so quite because I was thinking the easy way out and use a two bolt clamp instead and not make the strait pipe.....I will figure it out tomorrow.

    Here is the way I routed it up over the axle, since dropping right down to the lowered position muffler there could be a bit of an interferrence with the axle where the spring perch is welded to it. If so I will just add a brace to the lower side and cut off the upper side, 10 minute job at the most:) I am going to pull the springs and lower the car down to check it.


    Temp tip slid into place, I am either going to run a single 3.5" tip to save weight and less restriction or build the best flowing dual 3", thin wall, 304 SS tip I can design.


    All the hard work is done, it takes quite a bit of extra effort to bevel the input side to each section, ensure all are proper bends and not offset, align each piece to ensure the least amount of restriction, working with tight clearances caused by limiting the number and angle of the bends, ensure every joint fits flush together, enough clearance to not overheat anything....

    24x7.25x3" core, had to trim some of the lower bumper cover to bottom of radiator/air dam location to get it to fit but it was easy and allows some of the air to flow out of the IC under the car instead of into the radiator.



    The radiator support sits close behind the IC and I was able to drill a line of holes into it to allow a bit more air to get out of the IC, under the radiator, and not into it as well. I have to trim the foam seal that can be seen to open it up a bit more.

    I will take more pics, the bar that holds the crash sensors in front of the radiator is a horrid design blocking the radiator and causing turbulence around it so I drilled nine one inch holes into it, smoothed them and then painted it black. I am going to put in a few more smaller holes as well. There is a vertical plastic section I drilled many holes into as well.

    Next I will open up some of the upper grill blocked areas as there is about 2 inches of space were we can get more air to the radiator. I plan on running 20-30 minute track sessions and heat will be a big issue, these cooling mods, bigger IC, letting as much air from it out under the car, etc...will help a great deal.
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  3. moff3tt

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    fixed your picture.
  4. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member


    I was in the middle of posting up a few, updating info, etc and must of hit something wrong as I was exhausted(pun not intended:) as I spent a great deal of time making this as perfectly free flowing, less bends, less angles to the bends, matching each section for the cleanest flow......and my shop ceiling needs to be 2 inches taller so I could walk under the car instead of stooping over the whole time, my back was killing me!

    I was to beat to start over and a bit frustrated....

    The last exhaust systems, turbo manifold, etc was far less fatiguing due to being able to stand upright, the cars were just a bit shorter so I could lift them higher.
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  5. wash

    wash Active Member

    You might want to ask what Miller did with the Octane Academy cars, one of the mods was a beefed up radiator.

    When I ran at Willow Springs it was pretty hot, I got a skin peeling sunburn but no overheating. I think our cooling is pretty good.
  6. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    I will be able to run the car in the heat at MMP and making substantial power before I head out across NA full time RVing so will see how it goes, gets to hot, I will add a bigger radiator, if not, great, less weight and expense as well as time:) I will have to call and see if they can tell me what they did on the Academy cars though, already figured out, nice to just order and swap sometimes.

    I did a little work on the grill today, opening up the grill is going to take some time but will be worth it. I might just grind the layer off from the rear, carefully of course.

    I think I will take the course sense free and get a feel for the car on track though mine will be quite different once I am done modding it.


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