Factory Damage or Poor Craftsmanship

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by crzyworm623, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Can someone take a look at the rear hatch, specifically under the area where the rear license plate lamps are. (where you grab to open).

    I was taking a look at it to help me decide on how I want to go about adding a rear view camera.
    I should have brought it back to the dealer in the first place for a small paint chip that was repaired terribly, but honestly after detailing it forgot all about it, but now I found this, Im thinking they put on a terrible damaged piece and gave it some crap repair job.

    left side of grab area

    2014-06-03 18.56.25.jpg
    here you can see along the edge, the paint is a different color almost doesn't look painted at all in person. maybe one coat

    2014-06-03 18.55.53.jpg

    right side
    2014-06-03 18.56.56.jpg
    Its a crappy picture, but just for reference of where the paint chip repair was done, its not even sanded or completely filled in. Look like someone took a price and put a glob of paint and called it a day. maybe in the day light i can snap a better pic, but in the garage it didnt want to come out very good)
    2014-06-03 18.58.38.jpg
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  3. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Went and looked and mine and you are correct in that mine looks all one color with no "fixing" not sure what or why yours got treated like that but it should be looked at ...
  4. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Thanks for taking a look for me. I didn't think it was normal, the dealer it will go.

    I have a few other things, like the back little window on one side sticks out 1/4 - 1/2 inch more than it should. The fender lines don't match up as well as they really should on one side.

    I feel as if gear changes aren't as smooth to go I'm as they should. Little extra resistance on the lever a majority of the time. Then other time smooth as butter.

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  5. EcoBeast

    EcoBeast Member

    I have the same issue with the little rear fixed window sticking out along the edge closest to the rear door. In my case it is the one on the driver side. It is definitely noticeable once you see it!

    I have tried pushing it in but no luck yet. I will mention it to the dealer but I am afraid they might screw up something during the "repair".
  6. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    This seems to be more of a problem for you OxWhite guys- Troy was showing me the bubbles on his on that same panel, but in the spot below the window instead
  7. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    The first time some trucker swings open his door into your side, you'll forget all about that hidden defect... :bored:
  8. tbST

    tbST New Member

    Bubbling/cracked paint under rear glass edge, just under rear wiper blade. Odd.

    Never been in the rain yet and only 2 months old. I noticed it a month ago, its not real obvious. Ford has offered to repair at a body shop but it will take 2 days and round trip is 120 miles. I may choose to seal it with clear coat and not risk color matching and incidental damages in body shop.

    If it did not get worse, I'd let it go, just not sure if there is rust under that spot or not. Hmm, I think I need to peel some paint back and check first before I decide.

  9. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    That is definitely NOT a minor defect...
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  10. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    wow that is no good at all. id def be taking that back.

    other than the horrible paint chip repair i dont think i would have noticed, but if my plastic is cracked and i go to a drill a rear view camera in, im afraid it may crack further,.
  11. JustinP

    JustinP Member

    The paint on my molten Orange FiST is lousy. I have about 8 pin sized chips, and a small repair on the corner of the rear spoiler. I noticed the chips with 200 miles on the car, they are in awkward spots, the back quarter panels, roof. And they are all perfect circles, almost like imperfections in the paint that were knocked off. The repair on the wing is poorly painted. It looks like someone patched it and painted it with whatever they had. I love the Fiesta, but the paint quality might keep me from buying Ford again. My Mazda2s paint was flawless, and that car cost almost $10,000 less than the Fiesta.

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  12. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    I also have tiny pin head chips upon delivery... Hood, mirrors, roof... Etc. I can handle minor imperfections as it cost me 21k.. Which is why I'm glad I had no options. I'd not accept this in the 25-26k range.. I just don't like crappy repair work. If they broke the piece during install it should be tossed and a new one installed , after all we all did buy a new car.

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  13. Skeezix

    Skeezix New Member

    I'm sorry to see that paint bubbling/cracking. I thought Ford's paint jobs were supposed to be good? Is there a thread on here that is keeping track of the problems that FiST owners are having with their cars? If not someone should start one, and then approach Ford about these problems.
  14. level42

    level42 Active Member

    These issues are not present on my MO Fiesta ... (Ignore the dirt, it is wash day after all)

  15. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Thanks for that picture. At least I know now what the lines should look like. Yours I can tell it's normal. Mine I wasn't sure if it was cracked or what. I'm not super Concerned but will address it when I goto the dealer

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  16. level42

    level42 Active Member

    If you wan't any other shots, let me know.
  17. crzyworm623

    crzyworm623 Member

    Nah that's good thanks.

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  18. The Duke

    The Duke Member

    Unfortunately my plastics (bumpers, wing, and skirts) are slightly darker on my orange ST. Apparently this happened on the green RS in Europe. Part of the problem owning a tri-coat paint with parts painted off the car.

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