Fiesta ST Custom Stainless Steel Battery Tie Down

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Parts for Sale' started by no-pistons, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. no-pistons

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    Hello. I made some Battery Tie-Downs for the Fiesta ST community and wanted to offer them for sale. They are made from a brushed, heavy 12 gauge Stainless Steel and cut on a CNC water jet, then dimpled under 30 tons.

    It adds a unique and custom style to your engine bay. Super quick and easy install also! Just unbolt the boring factory tie down and then bolt this one in its place using the original hardware.

    They are $35 shipped for USPS first class in the US. $41 USD shipped to Canada. Just PM me or respond to this thread and I will send payment info.

    battery tie down -white back SM.jpg

    Battery%20Tie%20Down SM.jpg

    IMG_2393 SM.jpg
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  3. EcoBeast

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    It looks really nice. A question: what are the large holes for, to prevent bending?
  4. no-pistons

    no-pistons Member

    Thanks! The dimpled holes add both strength and style.

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  5. no-pistons

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