Fiesta ST running on E85

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST EcoBoost™ Tuning' started by koozy, Apr 8, 2015.

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  3. moff3tt

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    Wow! Those gains would make Arnold jealous. I'm just excited to see how well my car responds to the dp and intercooler on the OTS Stage 2 tune. I wonder how well the fuel pump holds up to the e85 since I know other high pressure direct injection fuel pumps tend to burn up on e85 due to less lubrication.
  4. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but...

    I read that R&D article. Am I missing something? 158whp ? Why is the car getting such low numbers stock? Mostly I've seen about 185whp on most dynos, so if that was a starting point then way bigger gains yes?

    Anyways, from the digging around talking to tuners and owners, what I am getting is that the car cannot make more power from straight E85 than from E30 (91/93 mixed with E85). Am I missing anything?
  5. Seldion

    Seldion Guest

    Sorry to also add to the dead post but I have a 2016 Fiesta ST, I took it to Dallas to run it on my friends new dyno, He ran 10 tests on it, 8 of the 10 tests yielded 210 HP, 2 of them where 213, I also tested out the premium octane gas on it and did see a improvement, did 10 tests again, 7 of them ran at 218 Hp, 2 of them ran at 220 HP and 1 at 215 HP.

    My fiesta is fully stock and I don't know what they changed in the new 2016 to give it that kind of power but I also tested it on my friends older Dyno and they have the same results.

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