Fiesta vs. new Mini

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Devon, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Slowclimb

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    The first justa coopers had transmission issues, they rectified this a couple years after US launch. The second generation (R56) was bigger and softer, but still really good...and quicker then the R53 (which is still my favorite) this next one looks even bigger, though the rumor is it is no heavier and offers at least the same performance. For me it all came down to the styling and how good the fiesta was for the dollar. I still think the Justa Cooper will be the dominate H Stock Auto cross car and Mini still gets a lot more aftermarket love. Plus the fit and finish on those cars is in a different league, but you do pay for it.
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  3. silvertoy

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    Vixenlotus, your MINI sounds almost like mine, but I had a 2005. I ordered mine with the chrono pack to get the speedo where it should have been too. I really loved that supercharger whine. But what I miss most about the MINI is the rally's. I drove the 2011 when I was trying to decide what to get next and was very disappointed. Fiesta actually feels like a step up and I finally feel like I've got my driving mojo back.
  4. Bavarian

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    The cooper S' had the same Getrag 6 speed that Ford put into the first gen SVT / ST170 Focus. Ford had issues with the pressure plate breaking into multiple pieces and eventually released a revised flywheel.

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