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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by jimclark, Mar 13, 2015.


When's the first (official) event for your 2015 Solo season?

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  1. Already done (on or before 8 March)

  2. Week of 9-15 March

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  3. Week of 16-22 March

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  4. Week of 23-29 March

  5. Sometime in April

  6. Huh-what?!?! It's coming on to spring already?!

  1. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    There's been some chatter about some of the bigger events of the early-season Solo schedule, but for many of us, the first event won't be (or wasn't) a big one on the calendar. My season will start, it appears, deep in southwest Missouri, at the OMR 2015 Solo #1 at Crowder College in Neosho. (I'm a fan of Justified; running an event at Crowder College just seems like a good idea.) How 'bout you? When are you cutting loose for the first time this year?
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  3. Mister_Mino

    Mister_Mino Member

    Practically in the North East so April 12th will be the first event local to me in Pittsburgh. The local SCCA season doesn't start here until May 17th but I'm planning on attending the Match Tour in Kentucky on May 1st. Right around the corner, and finally almost here!
  4. TnT on Jan 3rd.
    Region events on Feb 15 and March 1
    CAM Invitational (as a worker) on March 6-8

    Next THREE events for me will be Pro (El Toro), Tour (Crows Landing), Pro (Crows Landing)

    Needless to say, the Solo Season is well under way around here (SF Bay Area)...granted, our normal "offseason" is what folks elsewhere call "that week between Christmas and New Years" :D
  5. MacDubois

    MacDubois New Member

    Not until May 2nd and 3rd in Minnesota. Thankfully, there is an earlier event in Iowa and a few road rallies to keep me busy.
  6. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    Yeah, yeah, rub it in! :meh:
  7. toptier

    toptier New Member

    2015 season in Colorado doesn't start till mid April, but we have one last winter event this weekend and the weather should be great.
  8. Des

    Des Active Member

    I'll probably never win PAX class on raw time again in my life, so here's Oregon Region's season opener:

    Standing water and light rain. Star Specs at 32 all around. Three national jackets behind me. Teddie Alexandrova in the passenger seat.

    Life is good.
  9. toptier

    toptier New Member

    Nice, congrats.
  10. Jonnyz

    Jonnyz Member

    I didn't realize I wasn't the only person on the forums from Colorado. Where are you located about I'm in the castle rock area
  11. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

  12. toptier

    toptier New Member

    I'm in Aurora. Do you plan on coming out to any event?
  13. Jonnyz

    Jonnyz Member

    Ya I think I'm going to try to make it to the rallycross event this Sunday if school doesn't get in the way and I would like to try and do a few autocross events over the summer as well
  14. toptier

    toptier New Member

    Nice. I need some competition in HS.
  15. Jonnyz

    Jonnyz Member

    Well make sure to take it easy on me this will be my first season ever. Hopefully all those years playing racing games will have some sort of translation
  16. JLWSN

    JLWSN Member

    Des, what was Teddie doing way up there? She raced locally here in FL until heading to Cali last year.
  17. Des

    Des Active Member

    Think it was the SCCA Starting Line school the day before.
  18. pepsibottle1

    pepsibottle1 New Member

    Hitting Pungo airfield with the MX5 as soon as I get new tires and brakes.

    How do the STs run through AutoX, I'd assume quite admirably? I haven't been able to push one yet, the dealerships frown upon that.

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