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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST News and Reviews' started by Applejack, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. captainmorbid

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    2015 is the mid cycle refresh for the current Focus platform, if the RS comes as a 2017 then it'll be at the end of the platform, if it comes this fall as a 2016 model year it'll be two years before a new platform is launched. The Fiesta platform in North America was launched in 2010 as a 2011 model, the 2014 model year is the mid cycle refresh, 2017 will be the model year for the MKVIII. If we follow Ford's RS pattern(which Ford isn't) the Fiesta RS(if it were to follow Ford's RS schedule) would be a 2016. Hence, BRGT's dates for a MKVII Fiesta RS. I just don't think Ford Performance is following the old RS schedule, which is why I think a Fiesta RS may appear in the early model years of the MKVIII platform. But if it does appear, it won't be until at least a year after the launch of the Focus RS. Depending on how serious Ford Performance is to stay with the schedule that they've laid out, and if there will be a FiRS, it'll happen in the next 4 years. The money spent on developing the awd for the FoRS pretty much dictates that it will appear on something in the next few years. Which platform makes the most sense? Most likely Fusion, Taurus is too big, Mustang never, Transit Connect would be awesome but highly unlikely, Escape would make sense, maybe even the Focus ST, my money is on the Fiesta as well at some point. Just speculating of course.
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  3. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    Considering the fact that the general discussion alludes to Ford possibly beginning production in the beginning of 2016, then that would mean they are rolling out in the middle of 2016 as a 2017 MY. The Mk3 gen started rolling out in late 2011 as a 2012 MY, refresh in 2015, and will probably end in 2018. That puts RS production for 2107/2018 and falls in line with previous releases.

    I would bank on Ford either already having a FiRS ready or near ready for release, only having one MY release, or simply not seeing a business justification for releasing one. I haven't seen actual sales data for the FiST yet, but it appears pretty bleak where I live. I also wouldn't be surprised if they create something and sell it at a loss as it would definitely help boost their publicity of releasing so many performance-oriented vehicles. The Mk1 FoRS sold at a loss for the 4500 units that were made.

    Obviously they wouldn't want to do that to their entire performance lineup, but losing a little money on a short production run of FiRS platforms would probably pay out in publicity over the long run. They are very publicity-oriented right now so keeping models up their sleeve seems like a very realistic possibility to me.

    There's also an arguing point for releasing a RS in the beginning of a MY as it would assist in driving up sales-which is exactly what a halo car should do. I'm definitely not against it, simply discussing the historical aspect of RS models.
  4. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    From what I've observed on the net, the Focus RS will be out late this year as a model year 2016. Of course, Ford hasn't put the bloody 2015 Foci up on their various sites yet, soo...

    I just don't think that Fo Po will be following any traditional cycle. I think they will be faster at developing platforms. People keep saying "where's the test mules?", I will say, that the same division in Ford scratch built a complete GT monster without anyone catching on. Sooo, there is that. I don't remember any Focus RS prototypes being spotted until the last 3 or 4 months before reveal. The Fiesta ST mules were spotted 2 or 3 years before that car was released. If there is going to be a Fiesta RS, it's test mules probably would be indistinguishable from any other Fiestas, so there is that. If Ford is going to do a FiRS, we won't know about it until they want us to.

    One way or the other, the business case for releasing it in NA is going to have to be made. I assume Ken Block will be seen in a Focus RS ALOT this year, we'll have to keep watching the Hoonigan for signs of Fiesta... If the Block sees it's shadow, 6 more years of no FiRS...
  5. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    Stupid question.. what MY is the FoRS? I've seen both 2016 and 2017 published.
  6. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    They haven't specified, hence the current discussion.
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  7. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    I'm not sure, but 2016 seems the most common posted production date.
  8. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    2017 is the safest assumption. 2016 ordering will be starting as early as this month and 2015's will be done ordering this spring, 2016's start in production this summer. That is awfully quick to get the RS into production. For it to be a 2016 model, the order guides and pricing would need to be available to the dealers in the next few weeks. A 2017 MY could start production as early as May 2016.
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  9. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    Why haven't the 2015s shown up on Ford's web site yet? I'm getting suspicious...

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  10. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

  11. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

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  12. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Oddly, the Ford website isn't the best source of information. It had listed the Fiesta ST with a rearview camera and other things that never materialized.

    I have seen a number of 2015 Focuses on the road, none of them ST's, but that isn't a shock. The ratio of regular Foci to Foci ST is about 100:1.
  13. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    I see FoST's all the time where I live (military town). I've literally seen as many FoST's in one trip home from work as I've seen FiST's since I bought mine nearly ten months ago. I think we have 5 or 6 on the Army Airfield that I work on, which is quite small.
  14. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I see maybe 2 or 3. A yellow ST works not far from me and there is another one in town in the summer. A few live 30 miles or so from me and see them at autocrosses. I see way more Raptors than ST's. Actually, more Raptors than all Fiesta ST and Focus ST and probably non-ST Fiesta's combined.
  15. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    I've yet to see one 15 Focus, on the road or in my local dealership's inventories. They must've over ordered the 14s and are waiting to clear them off the lot. I still only have seen 2 FiSTs in the wild. Focus STs are fairly common, but far less than GTIs or Subies, or Mini.

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  16. EcoBeast

    EcoBeast Member

  17. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I remember back in 1990ish when I had my VW GTI 16V the rumors persisted about an AWD GTI...of course this is before the internet so rumors were harder to come by. We knew the Rally Golf existed, but not in the US. Everyone said no way will it happen, but for the next 10 years I would periodically stop by the local VW dealer and ask if they heard anything...finally in 2004 the R32 was launched. Same thing in 1998 rumors about the WRX hitting our shores started circulating...took 4 years...but they came true.

    Not sure if the FiRS is real or a unicorn...but there is always a sliver of hope. Just happy the FoRS is coming, gives me something else to consider in 2 years when I trade the FiST in.
  18. Eric Hamann

    Eric Hamann Member

    If the fiRS came out id want those head lights and rear bumper lol
  19. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

  20. W00ht

    W00ht New Member

    You'll start seeing a few more of them now that they're over the 25 year DOT age requirement. There aren't a whole bunch to begin with, but at least they won't be in danger of being seized/crushed by customs for illegal importation.

    As to the point of the thread I'd like to offer some observations...

    1.) As a general rule enthusiast forums are poor indicator of a vehicles sales potential. Very few people who claim they want to buy a car online turn into actual sales.

    2.) The US market is very fickle about performance hatchbacks and wagons. It took VW over 20 months to sell the 5000 MKV .:R32's they imported in MY2008. Subaru's WRX STI hatchback didn't do as well as planned so they dropped the hatchback going into '15. The STI Forester had similar issues. None of the $30k+ performance AWD low production hatches were the instant sales success the manufacturers were hoping for. Despite all the hype around the VW .:R models you could find one on most larger dealers inventory during their respective model years. The same thing held true for STI's and Evo's as well.

    3.) Ford is a relative newcomer to the performance hatch segment in the domestic market. Yes they made the SVT Focus years ago, but they aren't the brand that comes to mind when you say hatchback. It doesn't make much sense for ford to overcrowd the segment with 4 models (FiST, FoST, FiRS, and FoRS) that are essentially going for the same pool of buyers.
  21. Kalter

    Kalter New Member

    While I agree with you that adding the Fiesta RS would be crowding the segment of hot hatches, there is one thing to remember about Ford right now:
    their One Ford policy. The exact policy that is bringing the Focus RS on this side of the Atlantic.

    Do you think the Mustang will sell well in Europe? Hell no. Did they made it available there? Hell yes. Would a Fiesta RS be a good sell in Europe? I think so, they like their small sports car and they are used to Ford's hot hatches. Will they make it available in North America, I'm sure they will. Why? Well, the Focus RS will not be built in North America, they will import them from Germany, right? The Fiesta RS would most likely be built in Germany too and brought by the same boat that brings the Focus RS here.

    So to recap: the Fiesta RS will sell in Europe. Ford has a policy of selling their car worldwide now. Fiesta RS will be on sale in the US, but built in Germany.

    I believe that if they do the same thing as they did with the STs, the Fiesta RS will be announce in about a year, and released more or less a year after the Focus RS. I believe the Focus RS will be out as a 2017 model but in early 2016, right? Then we might see a 2018 model in early 2017 or maybe a 2017 model at the end of 2016.

    I do understand that the Fiesta RS will most likely be a though sale in North America, but so is the Fiesta ST. There is no competition in NA for the Fiesta ST. Don't talk about the Cooper S or the Fiat Abarth, they are not there at all and the Veloster Turbo close in power is not sport at all. It would be the exact same with the Fiesta RS, no competition at all. Sure, it's a small market, but if there is no competition, you have the whole market. The Focus RS will be compared to the STi, the Evo, the Golf R and others. Check with what the Fiesta ST has been compared to and where it has been placed in list of top 10 cars (hint: right next to cars 2-3-4-5 times the price). If Ford can pull another Fiesta ST with the Fiesta RS, it will be their best marketing campaign ever.

    I'm being very hopeful, I know. I'm also hoping AWD in that small car, but I'm more skeptic for that. One thing is sure: the Ford Fiesta RS is coming to North America. It's only a matter of when and specs.

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