For those of you that purchased the extended service plan....

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Charlie53554, May 1, 2014.

  1. Charlie53554

    Charlie53554 New Member

    What level did you get (base care, premium care, etc...) and how much did you pay? Is it worth it?
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  3. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    premium, 7 year, 100k miles, $0 deductable, around 1200. to me it was worth it. go online you will find it cheap.
  4. what do things like these plans add on? free oil changes?
  5. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Oil changes are not included in the ESP.
    That would be part of a Maintenance Plan.
    I got the Premium ESP, 7 Year, 100K Miles, $50.00 Deductible.
    I also got Wheel Road Hazard.
    It cost me nothing but that was a special deal.

  6. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    I got premium 60k FSP plus maintenance plan
  7. tnt911

    tnt911 New Member

    I got PremiumCare, 7 years, 60k miles for $835. Shop around on-line (starts with F) to get the best price.

    Is it worth it? I had a Mazda once, the ABS computer failed. $2k to replace it. I had another Mazda once. Transmission literally blew up and a piece of a gear punched a hole through the transmission housing. $5k to replace it. I had Extended Warranties on both and paid nothing. I have not had any Mazda's since then. ;)

    With the amount of electronics in today's cars and the cost to replace these specialized computers, you have to decide how lucky you feel. Almost any failure of an electronic component out of warranty will more than pay the cost of the warranty. Another way to look at it: I have homeowners insurance on my house. If my house burns down they will buy me another one. Helps me sleep at night. Will I feel ripped off if in 10 years my house didn't burn down or will I feel like I paid a reasonable price for peace of mind?

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  8. rushinge

    rushinge New Member

    I'm going to buy a new 2015 Fiesta ST in a couple of weeks. I assume I'll save money by telling the dealer I don't want to buy an ESP, then buy one online after I get home from one of the sites that offer Genuine Ford ESP Plans.

    Will I have any problem in buying the plan after I buy the car?

    Should I do something similar for a maintenance plan?

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