Ford EcoBoost Challenge / ST Performance Academy May 10th Santa Anita, CA - You going?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by BlueBomber, May 8, 2014.

  1. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    Just curious if anyone else will be going to the event this weekend at Santa Anita in SoCal, a free chance to Autocross someone else's Fiesta ST and generally screw around.

    I'll be there bright and early at open; anyone else going?

    Santa Anita Race Park

    285 W Huntington Dr
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    (Enter through Gate 3 or Gate 8)

    Text/Contact: Five Six Dos 481 Ten Seventy Two
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  3. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    yea like i posted in another forum a while ago, I'll be there. dunno about 9am but maybe if i can wake up. I signed up for 11am
  4. wrongwheeldrive

    wrongwheeldrive New Member

    I was there around noon. My timing chip was glitching, a minute and a half, 44 seconds, and the last one didn't even register! It sucked because my last 2 runs were super smooth. I was so mad that I bought the car. I'LL GET YOU NEXT YEAR ECOBOOST CHALLENGE!!!!

  5. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    Haha same here. My friend clocked 70secs we were there at 1

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