Ford Racing and mountune team up to provide aftermarket warranty

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by WRC Fan, Jul 15, 2014.

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    Update: There are more details in the Mountune forum on this site but the MP215 kits has received an EO number from CARB and the parts and warranty registration process through Ford Racing is now finalized. I also contacted my local Ford dealer who confirmed this and said he was ready to install the parts once I received them from Mountune.
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    mountune forum? here? never seen it.. .. link? facebook I know about, but won't use.
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    Since the link in the first post no longer works please use the attached document. :)

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  7. Ricardo AV

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    I thought I'd contribute to this thread in this regard: first, by listing the Mountune parts that appear to me to be the only ones covered under the Ford Racing Limited Warranty for the FiST (and do not void the New-Vehicle Warranty); second, by bringing up segments of verbiage within the Limited Warranty document that I think need to be highlighted and further elaborated on by someone reputable on this forum; and finally, provide my overall thoughts about the Mountune warranted parts proposition in general, particularly the MP215. My apologies in advance for the lengthy discourse.

    1. Firstly, below are the product codes to Mountune parts covered under the Ford Racing Limited Warranty for the FiST (that I have gathered):

    MP215 - Product Code: 2364-215-AA
    Induction Kit - Product Code: 2364-CAIS-AA
    Silver IC - Product Code: 2364-IC-AA
    Black IC - Product Code: 2364-IC-BA
    Quick Shift - Product Code: 2238-BQS-AA

    2. Secondly, below are some of the verbiage found (and in some instance, rather, not found) within the Ford Racing Limited Warranty document that I believe needs to be addressed:

    a. You may notice on the Mountune USA website that it is possible to purchase component parts of an entire warranted package separately and still retain the warranty, i.e., purchase an mTune after first installing the Induction Kit (at a Ford approved or Mountune location of course). However, It is not at all apparent on the Ford Racing Limited Warranty document whether this practice will void or not void the warranty found therein.

    b. Directly from the Ford Racing Limited Warranty document:
    "FR3 Performance Handling Pack Note: Performance handling packs are designed for "Track Day" ride and
    The performance handling pack requires the use of original equipment size wheels only."

    The last sentence in red troubles me greatly. Living in the Midwest, winters can last anywhere from 4-6 months, meaning the stock summer tires need to be swapped out with winter tires. However, it is not economical or nearly as safe to purchase 205-40-R17 winter tires instead of downgrading to a smaller wheel and tire size. So, for those who do live in colder climates, does this mean we are not protected during the winter if we opt to use a tire size other than OEM and something happens to go wrong with the performance package during that time? Perhaps I am missing something and this doesn't apply to the MP215--I can't be sure though.

    c. Directly from the Ford Racing Limited Warranty document:
    "Warranty Registration: This limited warranty requires that parts must be purchased from an authorized Ford Racing Dealer and installed by a Ford or Lincoln Dealer, Shelby Automotive, Inc., or mountune LLC."

    Now, I know the parts have to be installed at one of the above mentioned locations, but must they really be purchased at one of those locations as well?

    d. Directly from the Ford Racing Limited Warranty document:
    "Installation of these select Ford Racing and mountune LLC warranted performance packs and
    components by an authorized dealer will NOT void your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Engine, driveline
    and suspension concerns not caused by Ford Racing Performance Parts remain eligible for warranty coverage according to the terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty."

    What exactly does this mean? Does this mean engine, driveline and suspension concerns caused by Ford Racing Performance Parts remain ineligible for warranty coverage according to the terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty? The reason I ask is because I received this comment from a representative at my Ford dealer when I brought up the prospect of installing the Mountune MP215 package: "The racing parts won't void your warranty unless they cause a covered component to fail." I asked my dealer for further clarification without much luck. From the sounds of it, installation of the Mountune parts indeed won't void the new-vehicle warranty, but the Ford Racing Limited Warranty itself essentially covers only their parts (prorated of course) if they happen to fail. That is to say, if something happens with the vehicle other than the Mountune parts themselves, your dealership can always point to those parts and say they were the culprit, thereby avoiding any obligation to honor the new-vehicle warranty. Am I reading into this incorrectly? Perhaps I am just not understanding the legal terminology.

    3. Finally, here are my overall thoughts regarding the Mountune warranted parts proposition. While I am excited about the prospect of modifying my vehicle whilst retaining the new-vehicle warranty, I think I speak for all Fiesta ST Owners--and future owners, and not just in North America--that the documentation regarding the legitimacy of said warranty is suspect. This may not be a Mountune issue rather a Ford issue, but it is still frustrating from a new-owners' perspective when deciding whether to go with Mountune parts versus another competitors' or none at all.

    A little background about myself: I am new to the forum and to tuning, I do not yet have my FiST (will get it before New Years 2015), but I have done a fair amount of research using this forum and other resources in attempt to make an informed decision of how, if, and where to spend my money on a tune.

    My general thought is that the MP215 package in particular appeals to two types of men (or women), not necessarily mutually exclusive: it appeals to the new-to-the-tune scene type of guy since this package removes the dilemma of having to decide on a custom tune or dealing with OTS maps on his own; and it also appeals to owners who want to retain the new-vehicle warranty, drive a safe and reliable modified vehicle, and thus ensure the quality of the FiST throughout its life. For those of you who don't care about voiding the new-vehicle warranty and/or are more experienced tuners who know the dynamics of their vehicle and also intend to make future modifications, I am afraid to say this package is probably not the optimal choice. The main reason being the fact that mTune is locked by Mountune (for obvious patent and/or contract/trade protection purposes) and only contains 1 map, i.e., the MP215 map: thus, the ECU cannot be brought back to factory without making a trip back to the dealer, which will cost you some more money; and one cannot custom modify their vehicle without purchasing a Cobb AP for example, which will cost you even more money; compiled to all this is the fact that the cost of the mTune is nearly double that of the Cobb AP, and you'll be scratching your head wondering what the hell happened to all of your money. Another complication with the MP215 is the fact it has to be bought pretty early on in the life of the FiST, otherwise the cost of the package simply would not outweigh the benefit of having the warranty coverage during that shorter time frame. It would be interesting to see if Mountune is able to prorate the MP215 based on the life of the new-vehicle warranty, but there is very little incentive for them to arrange such a thing and it probably doesn't make much business sense to attempt to do so. Another thing that would be interesting for Mountune to do is unlock their mTune unit for a small fee after the warranty coverage period is over and make the Cobb OTS maps available once unlocked. I however am inclined to believe there are legal, intellectual property protection, and/or financial consequences of Mountune doing this--so this is more a pipe dream than anything else.

    Of course, for those who are interesting in not voiding the new-vehicle warranty and still make performance modifications after the life of the warranty, you can always go for the MP215 and then wait for the MR performance package from Mountune that will surely be awesome. Given this future glimmer of hope, Mountune has done a good job of integrating their mTune handset with further modifications under the Mountune umbrella--thereby making the owner of a mTune feel he/she hasn't been gypped while at the same time protecting their brand. I for one think however the enthusiast user (which will be the majority of FiST owners) would ultimately want to learn about tuning oneself and eventually custom modify their vehicle--particularly if one intends to take the vehicle for a cross country excursion. Albeit, this rule does not apply to all owners and so I do not discourage this package whatever, if of course it is indeed sponsored by Ford and honored by Ford's new-vehicle warranty.

    I for instance am seriously considering the MP215--particularly since there is currently a holiday discount for most Mountune parts--at least until three years are up and then I can decide what to do from there. BUT...and that is a hard but...I am apprehensive toward purchasing the MP215 until the concerns I mentioned above are answered and the documentation regarding its warranty coverage is updated.

    As for those who are are more concerned about the life span of their vehicle, I think it is safe to say the best way to ensure longevity is to leave the ECU as is and just maintain the vehicle as one normally would. While I cannot give evidence to prove this assertion, it seems logical to me to assume leaving the car stock is the safest way to go.

    I hope this lengthy discourse was informative and I apologize if I have been misinformed in any of my statements.
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    marc89gti Active Member

    Mountune is considered a Ford Racing dealer in terms of the parts purchasing.
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  9. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    As you mention "performance handling pack" is different than "performance pack" which the MP215 falls into. The "performance handling pack" is a suspension kit through Ford Racing.
  10. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    If you have questions about warranty details I would recommend talking Mike Robins at Ford Racing. He is the guy at Ford Racing that deals with warranty registration for the MP215 kit as one example.

    Mike Robins

    Ford Racing
    (800) 367-3788
    (800) FORD-SVT

    I bought the MP215 kit and had my normal Ford dealer (Not Ford Racing dealer) install it and then took my work order invoice from the dealer and bill of sale for the MP215 from Mountune and emailed it to Mike Robins at Ford Racing. About a week later I got confirmation from him stating MP215 was warranty registered.
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  11. Ricardo AV

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    Thank you marc89gti for the responses. You have effectively answered concerns b. and c., namely, whether the tires need to be OEM for the MP215 package (they do not) and whether one has to purchase Mountune parts via a Ford dealership or Ford sponsored dealership for the warranty to be valid (the answer is no, one need only have the parts installed by one). Now, the only real unanswered concern I have left is d., i.e., what are the exact details of the warranty (I imagine a. is a simple yes, but it would be nice to have this all laid out in the warranty document).

    I also appreciate you referring me to a contact that would be able to help me regarding the details of the warranty, but eventually I imagine those details would need to be stated directly in the warranty for them to be legally binding. Overall, I am weary of things said over the phone by one party, only to be interpreted differently when it matters by another, if you get what i'm driving at. If how I am interpreting the verbiage is correct, I will most likely opt-out of the MP215 and just wait until my three year new-vehicle warranty expires.

    I'll be interested to hear other people's experiences about the MP215 package thus far and if they have had any problems related to the new-vehicle warranty or with the Ford Racing warranty as a result of the Mountune parts.
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    timboslice Active Member

    Regarding point D, the warranty document states:

    "Ford Racing and mountune LLC performance parts are aftermarket parts. The use of Ford Racing and mountune performance parts may impact the performance characteristics of other systems of the vehicle. Even when operating properly, Ford Racing and mountune performance parts, such as these, have the potential to adversely impact other systems of the vehicle. If an adverse impact is caused by a warranted Ford Racing or mountune performance pack or component, the period and coverage of this Ford Racing Limited Warranty applies
    to the repairs

    Effectively, if the source of the warranty repair was caused by a Mountune part, the Ford Warranty will cover the repair.

    Your point about the dealership employee not knowing about the Ford Racing/Mountune relationship sounds similar to my experience. Most dealership service departments are clueless about the program. I would not interpret this interaction as Ford not supporting the program, rather ignorance on the part of the dealership personnel. Ford Racing parts have always "enjoyed" warranty friendly statuses. This new agreement has just brought Mountune under the Ford Racing umbrella. The Ford dealership and service interaction is probably the biggest detractor to the MP215 program.

    Finally, you brought up a good pointsabout the MP215 kit, in that it make the most sense to purchase it early on in the vehicles life. There is no prorated coverage ie. you don't get to extend your comprehensive warranty beyond the 3 years after the original purchase date. That being said, Mountune has posted a dyno indicating that the MP215 kit is almost as powerful as a Cobb OTS Stage 2 tune. It's a pretty cost effective package. I recommend it :cool:.
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  13. Ricardo AV

    Ricardo AV New Member

    Interesting indeed. I did see that language previously and I recall it easing my apprehensiveness when I first read it to my dealer, but then I never received a response and thus became flustered to say the least regarding the validity of the warranty. I certainly didn't mean to knock on Mountune as a whole with my original post, I think I was just confused with the dealer's response and with some of the warranty concerns I have seen others bring up regarding the MP215 package.

    I am still hoping however someone would be able to elaborate on what exactly the following means, particularly since the paragraph succeeding it seems to state the opposite. It appears to me the below is indirectly implying that if the Mountune Racing Parts are found to be the cause of any engine, driveline, or suspension concerns, then they are not eligible for coverage under the new-vehicle warranty. I wonder under what circumstances would they be found to be the cause of such concerns?

    "Engine, driveline and suspension concerns not caused by Ford Racing Performance Parts remain eligible for warranty coverage according to the terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty."

    Either way, I truly appreciate your response timboslice. I did get a chance to look at the dyno results and they are certainly most impressive. The package appears to be technically very close to a Cobb Stage 2 without having to add any bolt-on parts and it comes with a factory warranty to boot. I most definitely have a lot of thinking to do these next couple of weeks. I may be inclined to get myself a Christmas present...hahaha.
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  14. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    If you're considering the Quick Shift, do it at the same time as the MP215. Otherwise you just have to pull the air box out again. And since an official FORD SERVICE shop has to do the work, you can save labor costs by doing it all at once. If you're not considering the Quick Shift, rethink that. The single most noticeable improvement I've had done.
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  15. Ricardo AV

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    Hello Zormecton, I'm glad you responded to my post. I've noticed you have been a proponent of Mountune parts and it is good to hear they have treated you well thus far. Utlimately I hoping this car lasts me for quite some time, and the reputation of Mountune leads me to believe I don't have to compromise reliability for performance.

    With regard to the Quick Shift, I've actually thought about just that. If I am going to go with the MP215, I'd definitely get the quick shift as well. That's probably all I'll end up doing for awhile until my funds are rejuvenated. I'm still a little concerned about the "engine, driveline, suspension" comment in the Ford Racing Warranty document, but hopefully someone can comment on that to ease my anxiety. What I ultimately want someone to prove and tell me is that upgrading to these parts will in no way affect my new-vehicle warranty. I'm not sure I will get the kind of response I'm looking for however.
  16. Zormecteon

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    [QUOTE="Ricardo AV, post: 33477, member: 2212" I'm still a little concerned about the "engine, driveline, suspension" comment in the Ford Racing Warranty document, but hopefully someone can comment on that to ease my anxiety. What I ultimately want someone to prove and tell me is that upgrading to these parts will in no way affect my new-vehicle warranty. I'm not sure I will get the kind of response I'm looking for however.[/QUOTE]

    I believe you're reading too much into it. I had and have no concern whatsoever that in my reading, at least, and my discussions with Ford Racing, Mountune, etc, as we waited for approval (I had the parts sitting in my living room for about 3 months as the wheels of both Ford and CARB ground on) that my car is still fully warranted and that the install had no effect on that warranty. You may contact Mike Robbins as someone else suggested and get it in writing (well and email at least) saying just that.

    I went with mountune parts because I plan to have the car for 25 years or more, until they take away my driving license. I think these cars are going to be like first year Lotus Elans, or Ford/Lotus Cortinas in about 20 years. There will be very few left. Fewer still that haven't been hacked up, and not many still still running with "period" performance parts. I'm saving every hose, filter, and piece of paper that comes with the car originally so that it can be put back to original, and keeping complete records of everything, including when I air up the tires. I went with mountune because I expect that they will have NO effect on the RELIABILITY, or LIFE EXPECTANCY of the car. I'm not sure the same can be said about parts from other (well respected) tuners, let alone new enterprises just now getting into the aftermarket parts business.
  17. Ricardo AV

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    You are probably right sir about my overthinking it. I think I'm subconsciously trying to talk myself out of a purchase--looking to find any excuse not to spend over $1,000. Yup, that's it--it has to be. Anyways, thank you for the information--it'll definitely help me in coming to a decision and in making future purchases from Mountune.
  18. marc89gti

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    Wait till Mountune has a sale, should be able to buy it on sale for about $1050 with free shipping.
  19. timboslice

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    Think of it as a factory upgrade... You are paying ~$1200 (installed) for about 20% more power. It's not a bad deal if you look at it from that perspective.

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    The total bill for my upgrades was tick under $3000 including installation. For that I could be driving a FoST, but they are so BIG and Ungainly. Catch the sales and look at the package deals.
  21. rcl4668

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    I also second the posts above about the Mountune upgrades. I have had the MP215 kit for a few months now and it has been a joy to drive. I also second the comments about working with Randy and Ken at Mountune and Mike Robbins at Ford Racing. They have been in my experience very willing to answer questions and concerns about the warranty issue.

    Finally, this is for Zormecteon: I thought I was the king of retaining paperwork and notes about my cars. Your comment about noting when you change air in the tires, however, has offically dethroned me. To quote Lord Vader: "Impressive, most impressive."

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