Ford Standard Financing - Biggest Rebates

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Parker, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Parker

    Parker Member

    So it looks like I get the most rebates ($2000 total) by going with Ford standard financing. I'm not sure yet what my interest rate will be but I imagine it'll be around 6-8%. The sales guy told me that while technically I can go refinance the loan the next day, they ask as a courtesy to wait 3 months. If I don't wait three months the dealer takes a $150 hit from FoMoCo Credit.

    My local credit union offered me a 2.9% loan, I'll probably be a nice guy and wait 3 months then go with my credit union.

    I did however come across this thread where a guy negotiated a super low interest rate through Ford so he could just keep his loan there. I am going to try that :)

    Anyone else do the standard financing? What rate/term did you go with?
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  3. Mikeygti

    Mikeygti Active Member

    Went with Ford financing. In Canada they seem to hose us with a higher list price than the US, but sure can't complain about 0 % financing for 60 months. Didn't put a nickel down - used Ford's money entirely :p
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  4. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    I also got the 0% financing for 60 months. Can't beat that interest rate! Lend me Ford's money for 5 years w/ no interest? I am so in!!:cool:
  5. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I also got 0% for 60 months.
  6. Parker

    Parker Member

    According to my numbers, I am saving more money going with the standard financing then refinancing the loan at a much lower rate with my bank. In the end I will save more that way as opposed to just going with the 0%. Kinda weird how that works out but the 500 rebate for going with ford financing really helps out.
  7. FiSTpump

    FiSTpump New Member

    I finance with FMCC for the additional $500 back, and before my first payment re-fi with Navy Federal who offers 1.99% and $250 cash! Did this on my last 4 Ford's.

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  8. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    If I hadn't taken some rebates I could have gotten 1.99% with Ford, but I took a couple grand in them and settled for 3.9%, which isn't terrible.
  9. Redlinez

    Redlinez Member

    Even taking my financing at 1.79 for 60 mos, the deal is better at $1000 rebate and 0% for 60 mos. I too bank with NFCU.

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